Saturday, September 29, 2012

I do know that...

putting heavy draw curtains over the windows in the bedroom for Winter chill has increased the darkness, quiet and sleep depth - wonderful! No noise from the streets, lights or sounds... sleep.

I have lots of objections to teaching children about sex without morality. Having a young lady carry a fake baby around to prove it is a chore, doesn't give her the smile, warmth nor need a real baby would. One of my readers says we have to give them the sexual training so they have choices - cause they are going to have sex anyway. I could respond that we should teach them how to kill without pity, because they are going to have to one day... but then the reader would come back with some silly idea that killing was wrong or something and have no moral justification they should have used when we were discussing sex education.

The arguments go in circles, and I really don't care about that do I? It has nothing to do with my life, does it?

Humans are not animals, really, basic parts are just like most animals - but that is not a reason to pretend you can be one with the tiger and jump into its cage. Humans compose music, perform together, and as much as you may love the songs of the birds and other sounds of nature - it isn't music the way the Beatles did it. As much as you may love your pets or the animals you work with on a daily basis, they aren't human, they don't think like humans (something else not taught in schools - how to think, yaknow?) and knowing their animal behavior is much better than trying to teach them human behavior. Humans are prone to being irrational and definitely unpredictable.

I know, we should have the government pass a law and certify professional sex teachers, and issue a license when they reach a proper age. Put marks on the road, issue special licenses for higher levels of kinkiness... I can see how well that keeps drunk or drugged drivers off the road. I was immediately wondering how old the human driver less cars of Google are, since the Californian Governor has approved their running the roads. Are they armed to protect them from road rage? Will they pull over and stop for emergency vehicles? Will they render aid at an accident? Just random thoughts.

Notice I didn't go to thinking they were going to need sex education since they would be parking and making out somehow somewhere sometime.. machines aren't animals, nor are they human. And don't get me started on intelligence - all animals have some, humans like to measure it, and most people are not as intelligent as you are, but you are using yours better than most, aren't you?

Friday, September 28, 2012

New medication levels and military dreams are back...

Interesting how a little goes a long way.

But there I was, and concrete bunker complexes and inspection of machine gunners, their guns and positions and looking at their range cards. Don't you know how sexually stimulating that is? Of course you don't, no misspent youth and education to draw upon.

I watched the important shows last night on CBS, so I missed all the thousands of rapists unpunished and all their victims in uniform on NBC. That was last night, wasn't it? For those concerned, there are thousands of none raping males and lots of women in uniform that don't participate in sexual activities with others. But they are busy trying to get back home safe and sound. Funny, as I get older that 'sound' part has a whole bunch more meaning than it once did.

Well, time to get back to morning activities and plan on bringing the sewing machine back to my wife and close out September, there were a couple of movies I thought I should see today - not about war.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Winter webs abound...

My wife went and vacuumed the spiders, eggs and webs from the back and front porches yesterday - she was in a cleaning frenZZy. Tonight after dinner I look through the newest web and say goodnight to the setting Sun. For, she never got them all, and they do fill the void as fast as we take them out of action. I once thought it was the Winter coming, Halloween webs and such, but have decided they don't really build webs any faster than they always do. What seems to be missing is the normal number of birds, eating, flying through the air going after the insects in flight. When the birds start departing, the cool is coming and the spiders have no more flapping, darting birds breaking up the webs.

The entire Gun Control debate (it is only being debated by fools so it isn't important) looks very much like the Keep Iran from getting Nuclear Weapons debate. No one is telling the Swiss they can't have nuclear weapons, nor Germans, nor Swedes. Are they? Just like the Gun Control debate thinks that as long as they don't have a nuclear bomb they will love Jews and Israel, just like all the drug lords and gang bangers will be wonderful non violent thieves and rapists if we just control the guns. Don't look at what you fear, look at what causes the fear. The problem is stupid people blaming their problems on a country that doesn't threaten their country - but the idea of that country does threaten their country, which hasn't any working effective ideas.

The idea that rich people are too powerful to control without the government is interesting, but probably just another bad idea. If they are powerful they will control the government, look at the United States and the two major political parties. No amount of taxing the rich to support the poor will ever make our country or its potential promise better. The potential promise is that if I go out and work hard, save, invest wisely and belong to no one that doesn't love me - I will be great. Unfortunately, the government really does get in the way of my dreams.

I am watching the television ads for more Math and Science teachers, and the programs to produce more of them, through the school systems (colleges and universities that have produced the current crops of too few, too poorly motivated, and in debt beyond the ability to repay student loans).  Better idea, hire off the streets.
Seriously, hire people willing, educated and experienced. It will work better than thinking that the certificate or idle notes from busy colleges looking for the next students to teach. If you think a teachers certificate means something, then take it away from the teachers that don't meet the standards of well educated students. That is the goal isn't it?

What we need is a scoreboard, bragging rights, a measure of success. A way to count coup. I know I can teach, but the system doesn't want my ability, until I meet all its artificial requirements. There weren't any, except for age for my becoming a student.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Having a life means something left behind...

in the past. I got my 'I love me military memories on display' from the framers yesterday. I am pleased with the product, and it hangs on my wall. Just wish some of the dreams would go and hang there with it, but those are unworthy of viewing. It was important to have something for my son's future.

My grandfathers and father are gone, and having seen how poorly the current culture communicates - they don't even eat dinner together without a cellphone to text upon - I don't think anyone will know who they were. Even in History class, they teach it like our culture can seamlessly overlay what was important and critical in their lives. And the current culture had problems with the culture of those two earlier generations.

One idea was to remake the board my father made from his uniform, remembering the units and job he had in WWII, Pacific Theater, combat Engineer in the assault on Leyete and invasion of Okinawa. It will be done. My grandfather Smith, serving in the Great War, France and a driver in a Medical unit. He spent most of his life working for peace, working with the refugees in the Spanish Civil War and other major conferences. His military records would have been burned up in that fire, but I understand there is some veterans record in California of his service.

There aren't any pictures of his military service in my possession, but he wouldn't have been concerned about that. I once ran marathons, because I had started jogging as road work for getting strong enough for three minute bouts in a dojo. And my experiences were very personal, I was really proud of them, and I was so slow on my first marathon in Pittsburgh a fourteen year old girl that had paced with me for about five miles, smiled and said she had to go and left me in the dust. Crushing my ego, ha, ha!

Anyway, my last marathon was in Korea with the 2nd Infantry Division, and I won a trophy plaque - that was supposed to be awarded by a General, who had departed because I was so slow.... There were only three old men in our age group, and I was second. All the other members of my unit stuck around and made sure I got my award and we had happy talk all the way back to Seoul in the vehicles. As Command Sergeant Major in Germany after the first Gulf War, it was stolen from my office by a wanna-be or some upset hater that thought he should ruin my life by swiping it from my wall. I have all the memories, I don't need the trophy.

In the end, my memories sustain me, much more than the photographs, the old letters, the emails, and cards. But my memories go with me into the afterlife... I would like to have had my father with me to talk to my son about the world he is going through - an inside joke was that the three of us should have sat around with something to drink and talk about women and marriage before my son got married.

It would have been something... he died before his fiftieth wedding anniversary, my son and I had our last time with him at his home before my son went off to Spain for three years... and since he was ill, it wasn't as cool a memory as all my other ones about him.

To all you reading out there, spend more time in contact, honest and caring, it is better than almost everything else you can give the next generations.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

politics aside, all that is left is me and Thee...

  I happily went to church and Sunday school today, my wife had returned and doesn't understand why I would want a dog. But that isn't something to write about, so I won't share.

 Guest pastor presented his sermon, and I wasn't impressed but the message was good, but the delivery wasn't entertaining, you know. We don't have trophies for pastoral performance do we? But during the coffee after Mike announced he had a guest speaker to talk to the class about voting No on RF ##, because it wasn't a good thing. Some of us jaded Bible thumpers weren't impressed, we don't think bringing the church into politics or the politics into the church is a good thing. Now, we do know that politics is the struggle between humans to establish dominance, politely... or so we hope. But we allowed the introduction to our teacher. The teacher gave him two minutes, he took four, and I encouraged his departure with our thanks after he had given us his paper with more than we wanted to hear. What he had to promote was worth taking a stand on, so we will, on voting day.

  As I tried to explain to the church member that invited the activist, you should take a stand for the Lord and all you believe, just be ready for the cattle cars and the death camps. So many people don't understand the number of  lesser folks that died with the Jews for the cause of better government through enlightened leadership, and professional polished politicians and pretty uniforms.

  Now, it is very difficult to ignore politics right now, they are courting our vote for their purposes - not ours. One election at a time they listen to the people... or so I see. Then for the remaining period of their service in their position, we are supposed to allow them their foolishness and good intentions. Do you wonder that they listen to experts in Lobbying? Paid professionals working constantly for political action in their direction and favor. Even if you were to volunteer to present your case or cause in the center of political activity, could you get face time without being sponsored, supported and slid in a busy activity which produces the world we live in?  The gates are guarded, access is not certain, and there are staffs of most competent people making sure that only the really important items confront their boss.

  I am certain that you are smarter than most people of voting age, why is it that if most of them decide that you are too rich for their comfort, that you should change your life and get so much less rich? Or they don't like your art, your words, your god, your partners, your race, your activity, your success or failure. That you should do what they have voted upon? Maybe we are trying to change our world one vote at a time? I do understand that God isn't in an elected office. Still, seems surrounded by an enormous staff of people explaining what HE said, what it meant and slowing down my acceptance of His will for their purposes.

  Truly, the highest honor and position of power, is on one's knees as servant of the Lord. Nothing else is so important, nor so difficult to achieve. Still working on it, thanks, so glad you asked.


Friday, September 21, 2012

All I ever wanted to know about war...

As a professional soldier I have often been asked by non combatants and wanna-be soldiers about war, they all said they wanted to know the truth, what I knew and where they could research it. I always told them to read and know The Iliad, by Homer, but the Robert Fagles version is close to my hand and lifted from the shelf to check some fact. Everything I have personally found out, seen, heard, felt and thought about war is in that poem. I know, there are no tanks, machine guns and rockets red glare in the plains of Ilium or the wails of the Trojan women. Doesn't matter, war is about human conflict not about the weapons. It is all there.

I am using my kindle to review Merlin's story of Arthur's Britain, the Angles were just coming in in the version I am living in... nice to read myself into the story and away from the disjointed United States of greats... and greatest fools floundering... The elected delegates to Congress have gone on the campaign trail, to win themselves and their parties and pimps some more power to plunder the rest of us'ns. You know, the voters. I was thinking that public employee unions wouldn't be so powerful if the voters had to vote and approve the contracts their elected officials bargained for... but then, many, many things wouldn't be approved if the voters had to put their chop to paper in approval, would it? The unions get to vote on accepting what is offered, why not the voters paying the money?

I am also re-watching the Korean Historic Drama The Slave Hunters. I am, of course being Earl, in love with the main female character, but I like the three slave chasers, the primary escaped slave, former commander in the officer training school, his enemy chasing him for the truly evil minister of the political powers enriching themselves... it is subtitled in English, if you get the correct versions, Japanese and two Chinese dialects are being produced more (larger audience). You can by all twenty-four episodes and enjoy the chase and the stories and linkage between the past of the characters and their gloomy future.

The nicest thing about my escaping into the stories of heroes and villains, ladies with spirit and beauty, cultures where races aren't as normal as mine, and the language differences are between social ranks not economic reality.... well, you just have to be there. And you are voyaging on the internet where Google maps don't play well on iPhone 5, or you are afraid to leave your home without the protection of the TSA and Homeland Security Department. Ah, I am blest, my wars are over, until something happens I may never work again. But I keep trying.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The only way to survive is with help from your friends

I have really enjoyed being part of America in the Great NorthWest while my sister was here visiting, made me feel human. The television was not on much, we did stuff! So what I seem to need is a reason to go out, a job, a place where I can help.

  Having said that I still remain sure we are going to have a complete collapse of what is currently America, perhaps what we know as the world, too. For those that don't believe that the government would cause its own destruction I would like you to read about a small family, with just a simple idea - raise some rabbits. And at every step they sought the guidance of the agency they thought was responsible and assisting their idea. The Dollarhites 

  I have long held that raising rabbits is much better than trying to remove the cattle from the farmers, I personally think the farmers shoot better than gang bangers with an appetite. So I am for the rabbit raisers, but the other thing that I do think the pepper's should do is very much what the Mormons, the Mennonites, the Amish and the Jews have done for a very long time. Make friends build your own community, tolerate the government only to the point they don't cause you to sin against your God, family and community. Yes, I do truly believe that good neighbors, families and small groups of people that can and will trust each other are all that will survive.

 What the governments will have to do is encourage the outlaws and thugs, look at driving the Europeans out of Rhodesia, the Boers out of South Africa, the Christians out of Sudan Darfur, the capitalists from Cambodia... then the government may say that they couldn't control the riots, the looting, the destruction. Taken globally, the pirates off the Horn of Africa, the Arab Spring and the current clashes between terrorists and the mightiest armed forces of Northern Western Industrial countries hampered by wanting to be Christian without Christ.

There are many very good, very willing and earnest people in government trying to hold everything together, but when one of their steps is to make common sense a crime - or provides courts for certain cases without juries of peers - you have a terrible step in the wrong direction.

Humanity must become one, not separate parts, but politically it is easier to divide and conquer - which wasn't the objective was it? It was to solve a problem, not to make them. I think I will get my official updated license for my Caravan... it does cost more to fill up my tank, than to get the plate. But what is the reason for the plate? Why can't I have only one for the auto as long as I own it? Is this another indication that the government isn't finished with me.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Just a walk in the park

I have been earning my deep sleep, recently...

Tour guide for my sister into the Great NorthWest. We moved to Washington in 1994, and have finally seen Mount St. Helens, and Big Foot territory. Very surprising to me, since I have used the exit to Castle Rock many times in support of Appleseeds, but never turned to the East to see the epic record of how tiny our efforts are to control the Earth we live upon.

On the way back to the computer cave and safety from the terrible world outside of the internet connections I stopped and had dinner at the Hawks Prairie Restaurant, a favorite hangout of bikers on a run, coffee and breakfast are done right there. I ordered a modest rib eye, 14 oz was a bit much. Life was perfect until I tried the steak knife provided.

It wasn't sharp, I was carrying three knives that would have cut that wonderful steak so much cleaner and as it deserved. But I didn't complain, didn't ask for another knife, and didn't whip out my own. I just hacked away with vigor and wept internally. Well, I did mention my discontent to my sister and wife. Which started the tales of our personal knives. Mine is always of my mother asking at a luau for my knife so she could peal her fruit. My brother Wynn was shocked when I pulled it out and opened it and handed it to her. He was so sure that the air line would have kept me disarmed.

My sister had a similar story, she carries apples to snack on, and Mom wanted one and she gave her one, then she said it had to be pealed. So my sister took out her knife and pealed it for her. My other sister was also surprised that she was carrying a knife. Now to me, that is evidence of parallel universes, one in which my older sister and I were raised and one in which my younger brother and sister were raised by parents with exactly the same name but different results. All the other siblings are basically nice people, and I may grow into it, but I won't hold my breath. Still except for our various talents and interests - one would expect us all to be less different in having a tool to cut things as needed in our purse or pocket.

Could be there is hope for intelligent life in Washington DC one day. It is on the same planet as I am, we could better prepare for the time we will need a sharp knife to cut the budget spending and federal government waste and personal enrichment programs. Could happen, but I might become a saint first. Don't hold your breath.... I drive my sister to sleep at night with my political rumblings or is that grumblings. Tis Sunday and we will go to worship the Lord. Be good out there.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I still haven't forgiven America and its leaders for Vietnam...

Long ago, probably in Vietnam I forgave the godless communists for trying so hard to kill me - that was part of the war, very like what I had found in Korea and later Iraq.
They were just the otherside, the enemy and would get over it. The clock would run out, the game over, the score tallied and victory declared. I visit the Wall in Washington, DC to remember it wasn't worth the price. Have you read every name on that wall? I always think Presidents should be required to read them aloud before they launch the next attack against some other nation in error. I am sure they would have someone else do it for them. I do think that fighting a war to unite Vietnam under a representative government of their making with a capitalistic economic system of their choosing would have been worth it. But that is part of the blame, because that wasn't the goal, nor my mission.

Being a student of History, being betrayed by Kings and causes is not new, or even only my problem, nor my only problem. So, I was really happy to have stayed in uniform and doing it right in the first Gulf War. But then watched the reaction to 9/11 and two more phoole campaigns to re-wright the world as we want it. I said then that a police response was what was required, not a war against a nation or a terror. Since you are all glued to defeating the Taliban, which most of us didn't know existed before then, and make Afghanistan a wonderful place it wasn't designed to be by God - well, I expect a failure in policy. Not a good business model, it is based on Vietnam, again. Without the draft and poor military tactics, operations and strategy. It is not those serving in uniform that are the problem, unless they spent too much time in Washington, DC and have no real world experience.

I am smart enough to know that John Wayne wore that bracelet for the rest of his life, it was on his wrist in the Shootist, I can't tell you where mine is, it was with me in the picture. I shouldn't wear it around my soul, should I?

I should get over it, especially, since most of the country doesn't get it. Therefore, it never happened and if I am still bothered by that, there are programs with professionals for me. And if it works the media would appreciate an opportunity to proclaim it proudly for commercial reward.

I will continue to take the medicine my father did, you just can't really share those burdens and scars, just know that you couldn't stop your children from their lives lived in futile efforts to make some people feel safe from the evil intentions of  bad men in other worlds.

The best part is one day seeing that what you did was worth it, although often for none of the reasons that your silly leaders had sent you into the fray or fury for. But God does move in mysterious ways. There are Vietnamese I have worked with here in America, if we accepted them better, like all those that come to America for reasons we think we understand, they will make our nation stronger - but we will have to get much smarter. Could happen.

I will go off to pick up my visiting sister at the airport today. Remembering that we are still suffering from the phooles in Washington, DC.  If I were really afraid I would carry a gun, but then those same phooles think that would be dangerous. My whole way of life has barriers in it, that make me unable to be at the place where she will exit the airplane. Our father flew for joy and his living, we know not to get near propellers or jet exhaust and wait for the plane to shut down, and the door or ramp to open. So, for whatever the reasons the terrorists attacked the United States, we are still in the posture of surrender to their will and intent. We are not standing with a foot upon their rapidly cooling body, posing for pictures we won't show anyone not our best friend back home after the fight is over.

So, remembering that London under the blitz, never really closed down, but the entire United States was grounded and closed to flight of any except the President's friends and military services. I will have to seek more forgiveness for the nation that cares too much, and is still so frightened. Where are those bold missionaries and pioneers so sure of their righteousness and mission to convert the wilderness, to tame the savage land and create the United States of America? If it is true that England has disarmed its citizens then maybe it just takes longer to surrender to one's fears?

Well, I grow old and useless, and even blogging isn't cool, so my problems with my American experiences will not affect the course of future fine folks. I should forgive those that know not what they do, my Lord did. Then again, Americans still don't understand what it was that drove people to attack us, it was their fear that their homelands were going to surrender to our unholy domination, do y'all? I must rely upon the Lord much more, myself and my representatives much less - for we hardly know what we do. Amen.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Woke to rain today, God loves me.

Lightly and very politely during the night, the grass is wet, the slugs happy, and Earl may delay front yard maintenance for a bit. My sister is coming to visit, so the grass will be greener tomorrow.

I also had motor vehicle maintenance to have performed, and off the exercise machines and into the van. I don't have enough fresh memory of how the world about me works (the world around me?). I am on Facebook too much to have a real interaction with real people. I drove roads I once biked on to go to work in the South Tacoma Library branch, as I drove by I couldn't tell if it would be open later. Budget problems.

I have a nice young man take my requests, key and gets my mileage and I go off to glance at the Jeeps, which really aren't (power everything? why?). I am quickly attached to the young lady that follows me to make sure I will have my questions answered and can find my way to the salesmen in the tower. I thank her and decide just on my financial diet, there isn't anything made in the USA that I can afford to dream about acquiring. Not in the wheels variety. Mine are all paid for... except for taxes and insurance premiums. I am so old.

I read my kindle, stuck in the days of Merlin, as a child.

As I read I keep thinking that we, the current culture, have little idea of climate conditions long ago and far away - we expect that is was very like it is now. But I keep thinking that Genghis Khan had much good pastures to produce many more Mongol herds, flocks and babies to become conqering barbarians. That kind of thinking gets me seeing the expansion of Germanic tribes, Viking raiders, and such - all because the climate changes, allows more growth, which demands expansion into new areas for exploitation. All because of the charcoal fires buring brightly to make steel. Along with the warming of the north to produce grapes, you get the slow expansion of the mosquitoes, flies, ticks and fleas from the tropical viral breeding grounds that will kill off humans.

Nothing is controllable, ask a bull rider. You have to go with the flow.

The Greatest generation wanted to feed a family of six with one bathroom and one car on one job. They did it. My generation wanted to take a lease on a normal family for a few years and have no more than two children and two and a half baths, and a bed for all, and a television, two jobs and college degrees for everyone, and manageable debt up to the eyeballs. From afar view, the next generation will know less, do more and be entirely unsatisfied in the result -- because History started when they opened their own eyes in comprehension of their centrality - the universe revolves around them, reported immediately on twitter and Facebook. The nicest thing, as the EMP wipes out the digital history of the moment, no one in the future dark ages will burn the bits and bytes to start the fires of destruction, like the library in Alexandria.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Who are you, do you think anyone knows?

Are you working class? Lower class, upper class, rich swell, homeless drunk, single mother, deadbeat dad? What is your color? Black, white, red, yellow? Your tribe: Zulu, Saxon, Roman, Spartan, Mongol? Does seem to be lots of pens to separate the sheep into, or is it cages for you dangerous gun toting ones, mansions for the government elite, you can have your place - just accept the way the World works... it isn't a computer program, but we will pretend it is.

Sorry, I don't want to play, and it always upsets me to hear that I must be something because of what I have on my collar (too much time in the military and rank is often equated with brains and behavior) what I look like as I dress. The amount of total lies and foolishness about war, about History, or about science that someone wants to be true --- or even worse their thoughts on God or religions (which are never the same thing). But no one wants to admit that they must constantly question, for the truth to ever be found, you must test and taste and then you can own it. If you are living on someone's thoughts or their story - are you going to make all their mistakes? Standing outside without emotional attachment you can see what went wrong... but you don't do enough after actions, nor spread the wealth of your new knowledge and tactics quickly enough to change.

The government has no interest in treating you as a thinking caring human being. They live on the idea that they will have to beat you to get enough work out of you, pay you money for not rioting, and feed you because you can't feed yourself. I have been in countries where none of those things exist - and they function as well or better than here in the United States of America. A truth is, humans will cooperate and solve problems to survive and grow. Considering that teachers unions didn't exist when Lincoln was growing up, in the 19th Century, one wonders if we would all be able to make moving speeches, if we hadn't been burdened with the 20th Century educational goals. Since the goal of the Union is always to control the employment of their members and to leverage the employer to the point they almost expire - I have always wanted a union that qualified and certified its members and negotiated their contracts, and stood proud of their quality members, instead of just confrontational accepting guilt and responsibility for poor performance. But I have always wanted too much.

Anyway, you can label me whatever you believe, but I answer to Earl much better than Bill or William. But you would have to know me, and no matter what cage, pen or pasture you think you have put my into - I don't fit any of them. But rest assured, I don't want to put you into a box, and mislabel all you are or could be to my goals in life. Be blest, live long in love.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I want to pay attention but I am busy...

I did notice that the man at the microphone for either party at either convention, will declare the winner of a voice vote, no matter which Yea or No is loudest. Both parties.

I did notice, and brightened both my day and my wife's that President Bill Clinton really is rousing, and then too long and wandering, as the Cowboys were playing the Giants. So we switched back. The officials were interesting, the tons of holdings were finally being caught, now if the receivers caught more, or the passers weren't over throwing. Still I expect both of those teams to settle into practice and performance and professional entertainment value. Do you notice a theme? I expect better of the football teams than the politicians or their political parties or our government in general.

I finally put together an 'I love me shadow box' for my time in the military, and turned it into the professionals to finish up. I have some ideas about making one for my father, and have some serious ideas that include his war trophy and stuff. I threw lots of little forget about it, it is over, stuff away tonight. If I did swap meets or gun shows I might just have sat and sold it cheap just to get a chance to swap stories with the young and the ones that have no idea. I don't so I didn't.

Take care out there, lots of work still waiting to be done, and tomorrow is another day to start upon it, again.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labour Day, one of those I could miss, not working...

Although, it was wonderful to have my wife with a day off, the beauty of the day, so we saw a movie and had a fish dinner and walked in the park to keep me awake. A very good day.

The movie is worth recommending, so go see it. 2016.

I loved it for reasons most folks from the United States of America would miss, but then I am not always with the crowd. I was disappointed to find that Barack Obama wasn't born in Kenya. Well, junior wasn't. Barack Obama, senior, certainly was.

I liked best the comparison of the author and Barack's early life, how both of them succeeded in the USA, and all the background of their people and countries/cultures of origin.

Of the people interviewed, I really keyed in on George Obama, our President's younger brother. He said three things that were worth the price of admission. But I don't expect that the mainstream media, the liberals and the neocons to pay attention, because what he said will not fit their world view. But he didn't lie, which I found refreshing.

I will say I do not fear President Obama's second term if he wins it, I don't think what will happen is his plan nor his fault. Most of what needs fixing in the United States isn't within the control of the government, so I expect the Zombie Apocalypse no matter who wins just because both parties and the bankers are ignorant of how quickly and permanently lack of trust will destroy the whole fabric of our nation and there by the world. Don't worry about it, plastic surgery and stomach operations may make you look good, but you aren't healthier. Same problem for the country.

There were some great previews of coming movies, and I will be looking for them. I have up graded my basic television with the HD channels, keeping only the others that I sometimes watch, like the Canadian cable. Like time on the computer, I don't need more books, television or internet - but if I have any of them for the best they have to offer, I should make the platform worthy, too.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

What am I doing up so early again?

No good reason, there ought to be a law against it.

It is Sunday, and church at nine-thirty, coffee and talk, Sunday school lesson, then seaweed and rice soup for my wife and her friends as they chatter away, then back home. Must be some football somewhere, but I am drifting away from the noise on the television about whatever.

In the cable bill was the guide for doing my best on all that is out there - since there is too much, I will look at what is likely for my time, worthy. I am talking about the difference between regular and HD. Sure enough, when I went on the HD broadcast I had full screen and wonderful entertainment, then commercial interruption.

Nicest thing about being up at this time in the morning with no background noise, I can listen to the video clips on my laptop. Not the greatest sound system and production in this machine. But you can't expect it to overcome my hearing challenges - if I were serious about it I would wear a hearset, knocking out the chatter to listen to the great sounds, digitally produced. Or not.

Speaking of background noise, no matter all the experts and the political process, I will find more joy in knowing all that I love is getting blest. Hope you find it so, too.