Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rainy day stuff

So I can't get to the YMCA because of public works blocking public access, although they did mention a possible detour, I was thinking I should do a little bit more to make my RWVA duties solid. I had a demonstration rifle to finish. I had passed the drill rifle on to OnlyHitsCount and wanted my own, I had a couple of toy ones I could have used, but decided to invest in a broken (NOT SAFE to shoot) that was around. A couple of sling swivel points, a GI web sling and some Tech sights or other adjustable ones.

Although I will teach Natural Point of Aim without a laser pointer, it does demonstrate very quickly how effective NPOA can be back on target and checked on next target before squeezing the trigger. So I went looking for a green laser pointer, no joy. Cost was out of my fixed income. I had a red laser pointer and figured out how to secure it with cheap rubber bands, and turn it on - with cheaper rubber bands. AAA batteries and I am set to demonstrate.

And not wanting to show up for an Appleseed unprepared with untested props I had to make sure I could adjust the sling, do a standing position and be on target. I don't spend lots of money on things, so I have to invest development time and testing, I am not the Federal Government. When I show up to help, I am just an old man with limited potential - you will have to imagine that I was effective, and I thank you for that.


  1. Earl, if it works, and does what you need, it's NOT wrong! ;-)

  2. Your continued work with the Appleseed program is awesome, Earl!

    1. No one wants to give me an airborne infantry company to play with, I will just keep watching the line and telling the tales. Thank you for making it worthy of note.