Monday, January 8, 2018

Seventy-first year underway....

 Seventy year celebration done yesterday, now I am an old man. In Korea, in the old days, the celebration was when a man made sixty - of course with modern medicine and good health more men were making that mark, so they shifted it to seventy. Practical folks.

    What I marveled at was that all those beautiful young ladies are still beautiful ladies, fifty some years later. How did they do it? Good hearts, strong spirit and joy and laughter?  I met my wife some fifty years ago, married her about three and a half years later after I removed the governments from the plan - one of the reasons I know governments are made of people with fool notions. I was talking to Mister Wong, a Chinese gentleman, that thanks to his family, the communist government and Hong Kong under the British had no papers as a child. He has over the years made himself a paper trail, his name became spelled differently, and he has traveled. Kind of an Asian Obama tale.

   Anyway, fifty years with my wife has been wonderful. Even when she tries to control me from the passenger seat. Means she cares, not that she doesn't trust my judgement.