Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pearl Harbor day...

So I put Tora! Tora! Tora! in the DVD player and watch un interrupted by commercials and cuttings. Knowing that at all levels of command in every country and military there are fools just waiting to make folly.

I did wonder how many Americans now, know anymore about the Japanese success in the surprise attack on the Imperial Russian Pacific fleet, which started the Russo-Japanese War, which President Teddy Roosevelt got the Nobel Peace Prize for halting? Or know why the Japanese agreed to stop that war?

Since American government education sets such high standards, my question should be -- how many of our current and near future leaders have any idea about History at all. One would have thought the British and Soviet experience in Afghanistan, let alone Alexander the Great's troubles there, would have been an indicator. And NO, Earl doesn't think we are really fighting a war against terrorists nor Taliban, Earl thinks that America is still sleeping on the glories of World War II, done with Brad Pitt pretenders for commercial success.

Well, since I will have to do something positive today, I will go to the YMCA and sweat a lot. Saying thanks to the WWII Veterans for their very real service in defense of freedoms that we seem to have given away to more fools in Washington, DC.  No one is teaching that, except some who are the few, the proud, the real folks (not on the commercial media).

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  1. Concur Earl, the US today has NO will to win... It's all about 'mitigating' collateral damage, not taking care of the troops or actually winning as that generation knew it.