Thursday, September 20, 2018

Let's talk about politics... really?

  I am only a two issue voter, but then I know how everything works.  Money buys power, it is a reward and a tool of the elite and they will never care about the basket of deplorables (how did Hillary spell it?), those of us'ns living in trailer parks and under bridges. But I don't really support those that have no honor, sense of shame nor Boy Scout characteristics. I will pray for them, but they get no money and no votes from me.

   So toss out what is in the news. Just remember what you support and find the candidates that are supporting what you think is important. Both major parties are doing bad things for their seats in power, they are both hiding stuff. And they are all lying about their record, promises and character - maybe.  In Washington and many other states large sums of money are pushing activity against the Constitution and the amendments to the basic law.

  Interesting times, larger and larger poorly informed citizens going to vote the rascals in...

Anyway, I am close to deciding to buy an AR and need some solid recommendations. I took a look at Daniel Defense v7, and was interested but appalled by the prices, sigh. I am such a cheap old man.
Should ask my son, still serving, about what he and his community think would be the perfect home/vehicle rifle/carbine that he would recommend. Has to be my size.  If the current anti-gun infanticide loving Democrats win big (and the Republicans have no spine nor Constitution restoring agenda).  I will be heading to the gun shop to buy before they think they can stop me. Always have known that when the revolutions come, we march on Fort Ticonderoga to get the King's guns.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Ah, you can't prove that you didn't do it, can you?????

   Guilty as charged, banished. When I was a young man, I carried a knife and everyone knew it, and some boys accused me of threatening them with it. And the people listening believed the story... and I was banished from my adopted home away from home... It was traumatic, the family had taken me in as an older cousin, big brother/baby sister, friend and home work helper. It wasn't a good time for me. But there was still school, my own family and part time work and my reading and dreams and whatever. 
   The boys returned, told the truth and I was welcomed back with cautions and lots of love... I learned about running a muskrat trap line and skinning them, a buck a piece. Substituting on the paper route for one of the children, helping Lois clean her kitchen work table, I did half of it. She called my mother and told her to send me back to finish the other half (best practical joke I ever did). My little brother woke me too early and I left home and went and slept on the porch furniture and their grandmother asked if I was a homeless boy when she found me out there.
    But it always bothered me a bit that the mother, who trusted me alone with watching over her home and children, decided that I had done what I was accused of with my pocket knife. I couldn't prove what never happened, I could only continue to grow up and make all my own mistakes.

   So, with the cynical 'believe in nothing and nobody' culture and media circus, I know that the Judge is unsettled. The people that know him are not doubting him. Being a fair man and trying to believe the Doctor is a lady, the poor woman is just mistaken and needs lot more help is my opinion. I can't prove that either. I did see her lawyer say that she isn't against the Judge going to the Supreme Court, although that wasn't her recommendation. Don't worry, say your prayers ask for forgiveness for all those things that only exist in the minds of others. I have long believed and repeated that a reputation is very difficult to live up to, nor under as it grows in the minds and tongues of the unknowing.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

The game is becoming boring, only need to show up twice a day...

  So how is life really on my end of the internet? It is fine, sure there are some challenges, but nothing that fewer carbs, more exercise and rest and constant medical interventions won't delay the end. And among the things I can help, the end isn't one of them. Still enjoy teaching Sunday school, and AWANAS has started back up. So I am getting a good dose of youth to balance the old veterans sitting around telling war stories. I do get some fine opinions, ha, ha.
  My wife continues to do her church and volunteer work, says she won't leave me in the Washington Soldiers Home, we have some of our Sunday School classes that visit there also. Everyone should visit before the only chance to see them is under their headstone.
   Remembering that it has never been anyone else's fault that I consume too much, a modern problem of the indolent old men... I want to get a better vest, I wear the work ones because of pockets to fill with stuff I couldn't find on the other side of the belt and belly. A proper waistcoat... like Men's Wearhouse would have what I want.  Sunday night, I am listening to the Blues, although I was happy to see Stanford defeat USC. Time for sleep. Good night, all and y'all.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Ah, I need to fix that in my life...

   Notice that all I seem to write about is my latest Appleseed. I am hardly telling y'all about the Sunday School class, the old men and lively ladies of the YMCA, my wife and her adventures, and how much I do love a good nap in the afternoon and a good book on my kindle... hmm, boring fellow I have become.

   Last weekend I drove out in the early morning darkness to get to the Custer Sportsmen Association for another Appleseed. A small one.Four full instructors and ten students, three of them likely young men some of which we had instructed before. The club was very welcoming,  I got to do the sign in and t-shirt give away, something I haven't done in a long time. I do the line or the meet and greet in the parking lot, more often, change up is good. Doing the money for range fees was also strange, note to self - twenty dollar bills don't change much except hundreds and no one walks around with them.
GTEngineer talking about the Redcoat target
I did miss the introductions, and since I wasn't there they talked about me behind my back, not really. I was turning in range fees and the list of shooters. The day seemed to be smoothly paced. The shooters listening but having some difficulty in making it all happen at once. Some of the best first day scores, lots of good groups and positions seen. The shifting of body to find the next target was noted.

   I think consistency will come with much dry and live practice, one has to live the six steps on each shot. Our drills for NPOA and Ball and dummy will be used to refine the shooters, perhaps they will use digital cameras to record how they move and take their trigger into the shot. Lots of things to think about in shooting. Try to keep it all simple, learn it well, and keep practicing. 

Thursday, August 9, 2018

On the road again, CAP cadets to make into Riflemen...

  I haven't been around as much as I once was, just often in the otherwheres.  So I packed my car and headed down the road to the range. Found it easily, as local as it gets for me.  Out of three CAP events we have held here, this was my best. Nothing to do with me, just that I have done one before so only the cadets calling me 'Sir' made me happy and uneasy. Difficult to believe there really are polite young people wanting to learn something.

   I had only one loaner rifle, and day one the sights kept coming off, combination of heat from sun, and lack of proper tension on the retaining screw? Well, the cadet was patient with me and on day two I only had to tighten it one time. I did get to fire five rounds while the cadet sat out, should do that more often, since it confirms my ability, and my errors to work upon. All the normal Appleseed things were taught and demonstrated but in a shorter version. Several shooters were improving rapidly and will one day, with practice do much better. We did have a shooter on day one do a 210 without transitions, and given a normal AQT he made 218 on the same day. He earned his patch.

NW Appleseed photo report.  Two fine days of making better marksmen.  Sunday was quick review of all that had been taught, a Redcoat target and an AQT, some dangerous old men stories. The fun stuff was in the afternoon, we brought the target line in to fifty feet (from 82) and posted NRA targets for the shooters to get scores to earn their awards based on their uniforms. Looks very much like the targets I shot in 1962 Junior High Rifle Club, in the high school gym.. under the watchful eye of Mr. Mauger, the American History teacher.

  Next trip is to Custer, 25-26 Aug. Hope to see y'all on the range.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Redmond, WA. Appleseed!

  Seems I haven't been writing much here, but I am back from an Appleseed last weekend and want to share. GTEngineer has to make his third SBiT (Shoot Boss in Training) to get his Green Cap. Two instructors came all the way from Florida, Ken to do the Progress Check and demonstrate how to tell the Heritage. He had all that history memorized, to include quotes from Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine. A fine story teller. He also used the other visiting instructor, Lori, to demonstrate having worked with her before. They didn't really teach our instructors anything new, but it is nice to know that the East Coast knows we have Appleseeds in the West.

  Did I mention that we turned up the heat in honor of their visit? Well, we were above ninety both days, and no matter how much I thought I drank I was getting dehydrated. Two young folks came to learn with their family's support. They learned a lot. Many of the other shooters had heard about us or had been at an Appleseed on this range with us. Hugh was claiming he felt responsible with I tripped and messed my ankle up during the last event. Not true, I didn't lift my foot high enough. There were lots of fine optics on the rifles, I hope I didn't make it too obvious that I thought iron sights were better to learn with. We got the scopes dialed down and tried to keep the shooters from chasing their bullet holes.

  They listened and learned, shooting improved, shot groups became smaller, they started to use NPOA and Rifleman's cadence. One AQT on Saturday and many more on Sunday. Roy was our only lefthander, and he improved constantly. Three bolt action rifles but still their shooters kept pace. With lots of dry practice of all they were presented they will soon be ready for another Appleseed and earn their Rifleman patch. I hope I see them all on the trail in the future.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

AAR Douglas Ridge Rifle Club Applesseed, 9-10 June 2018

 Ten years on the trail with the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, and I am ten years younger than Samuel Whittemore, in 1775.  So up early pack out and drive down I-5 to the bypass around Portland. Exit 12. Get to the gate just as Flipper drives up and opens it and follow her inside. New face, ScubaSteve, instructor from Florida - a shivering instructor. Must be airborne infantry, pack light freeze at night, is their mantra.  Nat, Flipper, Janer, Bandaid and I will make up the crew, twenty-seven shooters are on the way. Did I forget to mention Owen? A sharp young man to help with the administration both days.
   Looks like two shooters per position, but the cover from sun and rain will be welcome. A couple of popups are erected on the left for overflow. In processing leads to presentation to safety steps (6 of them) and bringing the cased rifles to the line, clearing the line, posting Red Coat and the day is ready to happen. Nice bunch of shooters, very social but not too many to disrupt the flow of information and learning.

Stopped after a Redcoat for a group photograph, we don't seem to get enough of them but one has to stop and pose and you can't do that Quickly, quickly, quickly... So the instructor crew kept giving the shooters something to think about as they tried to do six simple steps for each shot, ten breaths of air, and the only rest the pause.......

Hope the shooters were inspired to practice, come again, and mastering the shooting to step up and help teach others about what they know very well about... to paraphrase Lord Percy.