Thursday, November 26, 2020

I am not worthy, but they fear folks like me so they ruined America...

   The Great Coup of 4 November, 2020. The great goofy coup of elite goofs on 4 Nov 2020 where they showed us how smarter than wee little insignificant foolish folks, they win! Now we will all get a prize.

   The ones that 'did it' aren't going to be un-noticed forever. They will be silenced, real Communists will inter or eliminate them quickly to save their rule of the folks. They don't really know what they lost, but made a grave error to improve their control. They don't know what they had til is gone. Trust, respect, following the law, support of good police work - they weren't all FBI and ATF, but they are all part of the coup. All us fools, blind in our cheering another peaceful transfer of power are a very important part of the coup, follow the Amish. Seriously since the Tech Giants are a part of the Coup, you will have to leave the internet, unless you are a better hacker than they are. You will have to resist, the left loonies will think they won but they won't work. More worrisome is the Right the hard right, not the silly racists and such, the ones that really KNOW they are born to rule. They will organize you into their blank future of your good for their betterment. 

  Ah well, may we live in interesting times, the fine Chinese curse. Only a romantic is happy in boring times and only the pragmatist survives catastrophes with peace of mind.


Saturday, November 21, 2020

Watching the death of the ideal of Goodness in America, reminds me of the former Prince Harry...

  I have always admired the young Prince, second son not having a bad life do feel sorry so much attention was paid to him for so very long. Hard to be growing without making poor choices and bad friends but he will be fine. I liked the way he wore his pistol his second combat posting. And as a young man once told me, live in the neighborhood, date and everything, you never know her til you get married.  I am sure his bride was full of surprises, just as his life and responsibilities were to her. Marriage is like that for many of us with expectations and cultural differences. I am sure the weak link in their marriage is her, but I could be biased. I will allow you to make your own mind up, most of us have our own experience in marriage, none are the same. Her American princess is the flaw but she could grow out of it. She is depending on what her circle of friends and supporters tell her and they haven't always been on her side (there is no evidence). I wish them the best.

     Our country and the cheating on the last election is the same. There is no evidence of the weakness in what happened in our nation, but what happened still exists - just like they could never find the evil Trump and could never admit what they never saw, the better folks are going to do the same.  More criminals more evil done for the best of reasons, more drugs, more fear, more anger, more stupidity not understood. The Amish will prosper. The Lords chosen will be punished as always promised, and only those people that read and study and follow the spirit in their lives will be well and at peace. That famed Soviet (Russian) author said it so well. You need to resist, you need to be true to God and His will. The nation will fall when you cannot find 10 righteous men. And it won't be pretty.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

What are the plans for when one of us dies? Who do you call?

     Back in March finishing our remodel and Covid-19 threatening my wife wanted me to give her a list of who to call, in what order and why. Big letters and simple language. Well, time between Trump and Biden working on a cure, I am sure we are all going to die so I am preparing. It has little to do with the government, they want you to ask them, follow them and pay your taxes even as they don't allow you to work. Since crime continues to grow they have already proved they can't handle things that only they are allowed to do for us. But I need to focus on my preparations for my departure.

   So step one, call the pastor and find out the first number to call. He tells me it is 911. Tell them clearly that some one has died, and they will respond. It isn't an emergency.

   Have a list of Contacts for representing your earthy interests. Family, Friends, Church, Funeral Home and Service.  Who else needs to know?

   Take a break, make some more contacts and get more advice, if the Library were open I would check out a book, Amazon would sell me one, but I don't trust them since they are part of the elite's power over the deplorable chumps. 

   Write my obituary. Remember, only the important stuff.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Day one of breaking my addiction... I have done it before... always hard, always worth it...

   Government action got the fool boy buying first two packs of Marlboro, since a State Trooper gave a warning of a crackdown on underage cigarette buying - so I started smoking just to show them, I was sixteen, smart or so I thought. Eight years later, after foreign adventures, marriage and stuff I quit in 1972, without help. When you quit I notice how willing everyone is to give you a another cigarette.  I really resisted government goodness to improve my life, mainly cause I had a mother and would get my own wife. I love to think I was smart enough to quit to reduce my tax burden, I am but they have more people thinking of more ways to tax me. Always more.

   The treadmill repairman came on time, masked and gloved, did a fine quick job adjusting verifying and closing the machine back up.  I will have to start working out again. But really it is for my wife, she has always been better about walking on it in the rain, most summer it doesn't get used.

  Went from .380 back to 45 APC, since I have enough of my basic three cartidges1: 45, 22 LR, 30-06. Yes, I know I bought 5.56 mm but those are only for emergency use only, as I get older I might forget one day.



Saturday, November 14, 2020

Don't you know being lazy can be good?

    Thanks to government over reach, don't have to shave, put my teeth in, nor do anything (except pay taxes).  Magical Media and dirty Democrats have killed any trust I had for the election or themselves. The most real problem they never loved any of us. They have won.

 Went looking for my suit and a haircut, and those I got but I couldn't find any 38 ammunition. The shelves are really empty. So no civil war here, gun control worked so well when Yugoslavia broke up. I would blame Pinky for helping Brain take over the world. Well, prepare for church in the morning.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Betrayed by FOXNews and the Dirty Democrats....

 America is  an ideal, changes through History, happens.  Lots of citizens voted on election day or before for their ballot. Every vote should count, legal vote.

     But Media and Dirty Democrats ruined everyone's choice. Must be like Hillary's Turn folks, how did it happen?  I don't think it matters, the people did it, for whatever their fears - they really don't like me, they are still sure that they know what is good for me, my family and friends and nation.

   It is personal, they don't need me. That was where they lost us.

For all the real folks, one citizen one vote, God bless y'all and do your best. So few remaining...


Saturday, October 3, 2020

So I have been listening to Chris Wallace trying to make militia and Proud Boys into something they may not be...

   More fool journalists are lazy like that?  I hope not. I do know what militia are, Proud Boys I have no idea. All I have heard is from media, and you know how they work. Most citizens want help or be left to do their best. Media as well as government want to send you in the correct directions. Their way. 

   Have been Face book exchanging with a younger cousin in New Zealand, a family man and FB hasn't sent us to our corners yet. We finally have come closest to agreement on politicians, ha, ha.  Although, I might not use his colorful language I understood immediately. Still. I am concerned about the term "Leader of the Free World" that is media label. No one votes for any such person in America, media uses it to curry favor with the elite. What is wrong with President? Too common? John Hancock was a President, of  a Continental Congress, that could be why he was a little more special when he signed first and large.

    As much as I pray the President and all are well under the suffering of Covid-19 and recover well and soon, I am not concerned that with him the world falls, democracy falls, the Republic that he serves is done. I continue to be concerned that the People get to that deplorable condition of LOST. Unable to take care of problems, friends, family, community, nation. Because they aren't aware or are lied to. That is of concern. 

    I will go back into my security, and read some more good books, combat fiction or historical romance and drama. I sould read the Iliad again. shouldn't I? Take care out there.