Saturday, September 26, 2020

Software keeps evolving: but not for me...

  Well, Facebook wasn't good enough, they improved it. Outlook wasn't good enough, they improved it.  We have begun Fall, and we have rain real rain. Not worried about fires now. The Cooling begins now. Wife picked up her medicine today, so our hibernation continues all for the protection of the Governor and the school employees. We wish everyone well. 

    Our son called and checked in, seems that we forget how much time passes if there isn't a record. Appleseed is beginning a bit, small classes and I am toying with the idea of helping, a longer period without falling might as I move more. Days later as I find I haven't been taking my medicines as my pain recedes. Real bad grammar.

    reading more, viewing less    Find the last few days becoming meeker, nice feel.  Watched a couple videos with my wife on this deserted isle. Coffee started for today, feels like a two pot day.

  As we get closer to the election and the mass stupidity and just busting loose from Karens (sorry, real Karens I might have known - they have hijacked your name) - and the Statist Elites in the swamp which think they reach to their cowed minions by the millions.  

The largest group seems be under self control. Sure everyone is lying and manipulating as best they can, outta kindness or pure evil, and sure the sheep will follow or fall to the wolves and media truths the aren't. I am about to return to reading..... my writing is painful to read.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Money, what does it have to do with shooting?

  Costs money to get to use the range. I have woken up to the fact I need to supplement my income, cause retirement is best when you aren't trying to live like before the event. Remember that there is a limited flow of money, sooner or later it will be clear... good to have health so when you start falling for Gravity, which always rules, you shouldn't be the next commercial about falling and you can't get up. Or as my wife says, I am too heavy to pick up, and I laugh and mention that we both could go down at the same time. Then what would we do, I have notice that I have to get a walker that I can sit upon, which is currently my wife's fear not mine yet, I am content with the walking stick, or even my halberd.

   I do much in response to my wife's fears and desires, and I can't afford that best get healthier. We went to shop for her desires today. She wants a chair for me to sit upon and watch cable and answer the phone. It must be able to hold a fat old man for hours. I refuse recliners, they are too heavy, and wear out too quick. She is sure I need something to hold my feet up so they don't swell, which is a circulation issue. I went through two furniture stores, found two chairs, first a armed chair for dining table set (my wife nixed it) the second a cushioned chair, color grey, nice not too soft but firm, fake leather of some kind. and it had a pullout ottoman. Costs more than I would ever want to spend, but my wife still believes I will be around for ever so would buy it. But I will keep looking, remembering where it was.

    It does seem like every time I get paid and write the checks for my budget, another tax comes up and I fall back a bit. Thanks for all the help government, three government taxation agencies for one taxpayer - why????

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Labour Day, yes, I do know Americans don't spell it that way...

  For fun I am talking to Alexa, just like posting on Facebook, speaking to stupid computers. I am part of the declining American thought. No longer alone. Linked by the most amazing fast telecommunications cool. 'Sir, I don't know that one.'  As I wait for human contact, my wife to wake and share breakfast, or my son and family to contact this device,  I will charge on.

  Word choice, like I would charge anything except devices, I was noting how belligerent a lot of language has become, threatening death or dismemberment, and always in vulgar terms making it really evil. Tough guy talk, almost Trump like, or Biden. Once in the world, knowing your enemy was a good thing, praising his strength and success would make your trials greater in the retelling.  I was committed to defeating the Iraqi army, and proud of how well we did it ... but kept reminding myself how grateful I was I wasn't fighting North Korean or Vietnamese Godless Communists. As fools take over in America I wonder when there will be no more warriors? I have talked badly about the Pentagon for years, their major deficiency is believing they are in charge but safe as long as linked. Alexander the Great marched with his army, are your leaders with your warriors?,  Or back with their fawning staff and media coverage?  Difference between David and King Saul, David was a soldier and Saul was a King and posing as a warrior. Kings need to lead, but the cheerleaders will date coaches if asked. Or even linemen. When David became King, too big to fail, he fell out of warrior mode and we know how that worked out for Uriah. Jerusalem looked a lot like the DC swamp. Christ was a most uncommon common man, keeping it country.

  Watched Sea Biscuit this morning - good to feel good, isn't it?

WED 9 Sep... yesterday Donald Trump reached out and asked for my help. But it costs too much to do more than I can afford. My contributions in past primaries seem to result in my favorite withdrawing. I imagine neither Trump nor his campaign team knows nor cares, so  I just add it to the trash. They are playing like a computer, they picked the position and I am not fitting in. But then Trump has tons of coverage from media - both favorable and NOT so much. I almost wish FoxNews would do like Tucker Carlson, only interrupt for breaking news, real news not same old same old.

One of the things slowing me down are my financial burdens, I am fine slowly getting out from under. But like my health, weight loss and movement, to be taken a little at a time. I pray more, doesn't help me stand erect and not fall literally but does figuratively.  I am sure that the Democrats playing politics with everything like cash aid, or riots and ending the lockdowns, will produce results they won't like unless they really want to end America. I want a smaller Federal government, worked for them long enough to know they can't do everything. But make promises they can't keep. 

Monday, August 31, 2020

I departed Hate book, but seem addicted....

  I do seem to want to be about communicating with the good folks out there, many I know and like hearing from.  But Face book decided that I am evil and wants to ban me, or so it seems. They don't want to just provide a platform, they won't toss everyone that uses vulgar words, depending on numbers of youngsters with potty mouths, but we all seem to add to the noise and confusion. Confusion because so many things accepted by modern society aren't good for the people. Prime example is abortion, it is immoral just as slavery was. 

   I get a haircut today, my wife has become insistent, she cuts it to her satisfaction and what ever it is - is perfect. Some will always grow back, and I no longer need to impress other people - I am not selling anything. She lapses into Korean when ever she is unsatisfied, that is perfect since I don't want to know how terrible I am, I would especially hate to hear vulgar language and an upset woman in any language. My mother and grandmothers never used it, never heard it from my aunts. but they grew up in a kinder more respectful era. Time passes on an everyone has permission to be offensive, cruel and stupid - putting down to make one self great, cool, smart-???.  

  I did join the protest and told Land O'Lakes off. I am sad they came out against Indian maidens and removed the icon. They are a cooperative, but hire fools in advertising. The poor lady I talked to jotted down my quest for justice. I really love their whipped butter, will have to explore alternatives - hoping they make a genaric to sell to the military we  buy a lot of great things that way. I felt sad for the lady wiped off the logo, and for the lady that answered my complaint, not because I was offensive but because she was a proud worker and feels betrayed by management (many if us do), but she said many have told her about that logo change. No one wants to live in a beige world, do we? I looked it up, the governor is praising the move, not knowing much about brand loyalty I would guess, she thinks no one is burning up Minneapolis. When you are wrong you can be surrounded by lots of good meaning but equally wrong folks. Well I will have more time to read Moby Dick and the leather stocking tales, won't I? They are still great books, although everyone wasn't woke in those days, ha.ha. Which reminds he of Minihaha and Hiawatha? Rabbit holes, think beige - paint it all beige.  


Friday, August 28, 2020

Things change and I wear out...

  So I am up early, just me and the LORD, Southern Gospel comes from Alexa. I made coffee and breakfast. A Face book friend drops off and announces it, I believe I should drop off and not announce it, I don't need notice, God talked to me. 

  I am sad about good and great things, being destroyed, killing the unborn for the salvation of fools? I seem to have everything wrong, they will tell me they always have. Without love, why would I listen?

   Mythoughtsrace, the morning madness a quiet time to think, can't type that fast and not concerned about it. Why disturb others, I write for me and then share can't hide from the devil nor the LORD. The devil will tickle my weaknesses, and the LORD give me strength to resist temptation. American economy is built upon weakness, desires that could be sated by purchase easy free sexy only 99 down and yours. Truth about economy the Amish are part of it, but they aren't a big market are they?

   The YMCA opens up 7 September, but I have not enough money to feed that fancy, remember I went for community and talk to old folks as we watch the fashion changes on the ladies. The energy of youngsters and passing wisdom if there is any interest, not much. I am interested to see how many old fools are alive and returning. I want to think all of them maybe I shouldn't check. Should I wear a mask?

   Politics, are not interesting now, chest beating and old champions posing as saviors and leaders. They look like they haven't served enough humbly. The management teams are slickly polished, nothing sticks to them, the other
side is evil and failing. I have notice there aren't enough reported nice news. Maybe media is afraid of goodness, doesn't sell? I expect the word would be over used and become meaningless, everyone is a hero. how can that be? I know a few heroes and many brave souls doing the best they can where they are.  Never make the news cycle since the news must be ??? supporting the message?

    Well, have a great day! 


Thursday, August 20, 2020

Change Happens and changing back isn't wrong but dynamic

   Wife and I up at three talking about fifty-two years worth, reheating coffee and love.  I decided to write a letter to my sister in cursive and with a fountain pen - we don't do that anymore, do we?  What a challenge! Like brush painting your messages across the cyberspaces of modern communications since the abacus is still used, are the brushes and ink stones? The first attempt becomes a draft, as I discover how many muscles are engaged and how quickly I tire from the page I finally finish.

I once had a good hand. see envelope from 1969.

Friday, August 14, 2020

So I dream of shooting known distance with my AR...

    Funny, I remember mentioning staying in dry fire/practice back in March and promptly didn't. I was confused. Too many orders from those flattening curves, I was sure I was going to die, haven't taken flu vaccine since departing the Army, they owned my body.


   Blogger improved things so I become reluctant to write and add pictures, my fat fingers and ignorance will destroy what little I accomplish.  The fears have closed ranges, the anti-gun goofs believe they will make them safer as the normal untrained and unthinking gun carriers have so many negligent discharges trying to frighten innocents when demonstrating with their new powerful black rifles.  As the political debates and snide remarks about others rise on the internet and on media feeds, I have no idea what is true, and being only two reasons to make my choices having given up on political parties having any worthy ideas or ideals. They can be bought, and most of us need our few dollars for the LORD and His work.

   My daily shows remain The Five and Tucker Carlson, too often preempted by breaking news that doesn't matter to me. Just the talking posing fools looking for attention. Someone analyzed the number of minutes and the ratings reflected. They didn't ask if telling a lie and repeating it make us doubt the whole process, they are all about selling constantly. But we become bitter cynical and cowering from being tainted by the ugly they demand we watch. And we pay for time wasters, why? 

   I have nothing interesting to share, the FBI,Chinese and hackers pay me no attention. Will get to work on the honey-do, or find reasons not to.