Sunday, January 10, 2021

Try again, the software is changed by magic...

   I find that I can't do with this software what I want. The problem is not the software it is the user, I have lack of knowledge and resistance to change.  I will have to be patient. Too many 'gee whizzes' built into the OS, platform for my little mind.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Pastor was preaching today! Don't you love to hear excitement?

  I do know that it calls for my attention. I have the year to reread my Bible, no telling when the governor will surrender to Swedish good sense about Covid-19, he isn't that smart.

New year, will have to forgive my sister calling me names (she knows mine, but she lives in an academic environment around cool children). And my brother thinks I am a member of a cult (which ones are dwelling in his mind I can't tell, like fears, opinions are often only mental).  I am of the opinion that Obama was born in East Africa. I go with his grandmother.  Some folks would call that a 'birther' I don't follow the rest of the description. Like the Biden election I don't have to prove it was a fraud and all. I haven't been happy since the media and Congress lost the Republic of Vietnam to the godless Communists. Of course it wasn't really a war, on America's side, it was a war on the godless Communists' side.

2021 is going to be as fine as I make and see it, and I am basically still in awe of God's work. Be humble.

Wife works out

Friday, January 1, 2021

Welcome to my New Year!

  Since I am only me, don't expect much. Thank God I am alive and well.  There have been doubts that I could make it with out the Government, science, others' better opinions and luck. I haven't trusted any and am better for it.  

Friday, December 18, 2020

How does Christmas look where you are?

   I seem to have disappointed a lot of folks and friends, but the world and I have often been apart. And now that Biden is calling for unity (among his chumps and Hillary's Deplorables) I pass. So I go to my books and Prime to fill the hours. There is nothing new under the Sun. Last evening I watched The Forgotten Army and was impressed with the history, story line and presentation. 

  FOX  news has finally lost me, never turned on The Five nor Tucker Carlson.  I trust Tucker but his  voice is so alone, I think his priorities are right.

   Still no decorations here, hiding from Covid-19.  Vaccine on the way, like relief.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Aren't I happy that God and my mother prepared better for Christmas than I do...

 Well, yes I am.

   Of course one was working on it longer, my mother started after New Years Eve. I am with Santa, flying around on the eve of...   it takes days to return to put more on the page than I had when I started.

  Got my better lady sitting beside me to enjoy some Korean movie on Prime every evening lately, since I found where they are and how to get there, we are so old.  Started with Empire of Lust, not recommended, but I was laughing, it had very graphic sex scenes and story line but my defense position was that I don't watch that kind of movie but it is Korean. After that we could get picky, Masquerade, poor comic pretending to be the King, Little Forest, coming to accept a safe haven in going out to adulthood. VG! then we topped it with Granny, story about a 75 year old run away from her son's home and life because she was a burden, then taking her death portrait at a photo studio. Which magically changed her by fifty years! The young actress nailed being old in a young body, Korean style cause they do it differently there. Granny and Little Forest are highly recommended but then I am a little strange but happy.

   Covid-19 continues to dominate our fears (not that we are paying attention except to increase our prayers for those who fear and those who acquire the illness or anti-bodies) People are catching it around us and the news floods the personal information devices faster than the truth does, Truth like Hope is slower out of the box. Anthony is recovering from surgery, but will likely be over come by Covid if he catches it at the same time. He was always willing to drive to Ocean Shores and get razor clams. Fun stuff, he was always the first to sniff out and complain about Korean irregularities in the Baptist Church, normally about money.

   I make coffee every morning, some times I start a wargame, waiting for my wife to wake and have breakfast together. I sometimes eat alone earlier - she will give me a snack of apple slices and Kiwi or half a banana. She recently heard cooking with microwave is not healthy, so the preparation of food is going back to range and oven. 

   No decoration for Christmas done by me, yet. it is where we put it in the garage. So one day it will appear. Maybe for that heavenly conjunction?

Monday, December 7, 2020

Pearl Harbor Day... History Cable has Wake Island Alamo of the Pacific...

   Invading forces bring their best and brightest, and the defenders have only guts and glory to rely on before they all die. Kind of like home invasion. Same actually.

  Caught the President telling everyone that the other side cheated. But we all know that, the ones that did it believe they aren't caught or that the powers (Big Tech, MSM, and entrenched political professionals in Washington and the Dirty Democrats) won't Punish nor Publish. Christmas is coming and the good folks are going to celebrate and get everyones' minds on love and giving good stuff. Remember it is only a crime if one is caught, charged and tried in the courts. Ask any criminal. When caught they will try to plea to a lesser offense to save the state time and trouble...

   Church was fine yesterday. Sermon was short and memorable.

With the Covid-19 fears ruining the world and lives everywhere I am going to die from heart failure since I am not really going to the YMCA, or Planet Fitness. Remember more humans are dying from being fat that catching the virus, take your pick, the government wants all you deplorables and chumps gone.