Wednesday, June 8, 2022

No one reads history and seems like crazy killers are the stuff of envy...

   It does seem that the nation is out of control, if you are watching media productions and joining mobs of strangers acting like children. I keep comparing our American experiment to Rome republic to Empire. Humans do seem to have to make new rules every generation

May be an image of 5 people, people standing and outdoors

     Great crew in Oregon, the man that ran my first RWVA event, too.

   I replaced my FB page with this and my avatar with this:

 May be an image of 3 people, people standing and outdoors

 Don't I wish time could stop like the photo?

  Those were the great days. Now I check my ammunition stores and notice too many rifles and see a need to share. Have contacted my son, but he is on Hawaii and busy. Probably have to see about selling at a gunshow, burying them or gun running across to border?  So many little kings and kingdoms now. Always my question, what happened to my America?

   How is your country doing? Cowering?

Monday, June 6, 2022

So 6 june, what was happening that day - in1944... can't ask that on Ft Bragg and not get an answer.

   D-Day the unofficial name for Operations Overlord and Pegasus. Might be able to find The Longest Day to view since the book might not be on your shelves. For sure remember the fallen and that it was only a day on the calendar.

Saturday, June 4, 2022

School safety has always been needed, even the Amish have been attacked ...

   I always recommend reading Forgiven: The Amish School Shooting  by Terri Roberts. I will wait while you find a copy and read it...


  My personal choice is adult volunteers perform the duties, representing the well regulated militia necessary to security. I think a revolver or AR 15 with five round magazine will be enough for most of the threats, and a radio (not a cell phone). Two adults for three hours, then another pair will relieve them. You should have your own answer. You provide your own, the mission is to protect the children and teachers.

  Really need your participation as you are able.  God bless.

Recently they have decided they know better and must be obeyed...

   Perhaps it is a constant cycle of poor education and struggling for independence and control of our lives, every history is man and woman and God. We have to know what is real, what has worth and as we grow older to elder the best for ourselves and the community. The big question about our Rights has returned. Some fool thought he could be happy killing the weak and unaware. he would be godlike in the blood bath of terror.

   It will all go to the basic need to control, feel in control, to be loved and acknowledged. Neither side is correct, perfect nor with the answer that will work more than a moment, time is always now and always on the march. The End is near. I know I am free of drugs because I don't use nor abuse them, all the protections of the government don't work. When I can obtain all the recreational and addictive substances, delivered to my door or sold to me the appropriate tax stamps and 'scientific' approvals the independence is only an illusion.

   My core beliefs are that God wills. I am not God, and although I meet wonderful beautiful and loving people and am thankful for their work and love, they are not God either. As I know I am a sinner, I know the government won't be better without more of my own participation and learning from errors of the past. I think I can be proudly humble of my sinning because I have been shamed and forgiven, and I am laughing at myself with that concept. I am old enough that I can't be swayed by name calling and noise about penis size envy and compensation by buying bigger better and gold plated assault style rifles. I know that my romantic life never improved with the purchase of an AR 15. Real romance having nothing to do with the size of anything measurable.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Easter Sunday what a beautiful day

  Children showed up at church, the Fellowship Hall was open for a picnic lunch. It was like Covid was a distant memory. The noise of happy people wonderful. Wife and her lady friends are off to sea weeding tomorrow. Erik Mose was wheeled up by his wife so he could talk, and we did, including how we would like to go shooting on Range 16 like the old days.

Thursday, March 31, 2022

What is going on...

  Well, not much compared to the constant noise from the Media.  My son departs the Navy today, I realize my mother would be happy and wondering at his language and who all those folks on Face book are... that is very much like me, but I don't worry about not knowing each one of them and trying to be friends with all his friends.

Looking like he is comfortable.


  I started to read the series 'World Made By Hand', By James Howard Kunstler. The books will be a fine offset from the media noise, most of which has nothing to do with our life. I like the tone and rhythm of the writing now will discuss more when I have two finished. There are four books.

  Bruce Willis is mortal, but difficult to believe when most of his performance has been on screen with commercial  interruption. And larger than life.