Thursday, July 8, 2021

As I understand it, the Democrats all love criminals...

  Taking my wife to her appointment I noted a tent encampment, and that is because of Democrats that only love voters that can't be responsible.  I lived under a tiny tent before, or even some of the GP Mediums on a cot, but only in the military.


  Try again it is after 4 am, went to bed early last night - before my wife returned from church, so I had plenty of sleep. I bring up Prime to see some movie but realize that I do not need to be entertained by computers, there aren't any humans that answer phones any closer than India, or so it seems to me. So I need to repair, wipe clean and reset my desk top computer - will call a service person today. 

   Sitting awaiting morning coffee and wondering if I should dress and get a mug, procrastination strikes again. I started a new pot already.    Got it! Couple of sips will do.

    Still too much stuff in my computer cave, need to get rid of it.


Monday, July 5, 2021

What do I think, not that anyone needs to know...

  It seems to be a holiday by default and I wasn't paying attention until I turned on the cable and noted special 4th of July shows. I just found the Covid-19 restriction page for Washington State and it is dated tomorrow,  6 July.  It is amazing that I believe I am aware or in control of anything.  

Just me, not changed that much.

These are working well.

 This one is not on WiFi, but it will be one day.




So I was streaming Tucker Carlson Today and his guest was Ned Ryun, who had just publish a book, The Adversaries.  And the discussion mentioned Nick Bunker's book An Empire on the Edge. So I purchased both and a space opera to while away my house arrest by the governor. The author's father was Jim Ryun famous miler from my youth. One doesn't get far from truth and interests. I recommended both books on the Appleseed forum, but there is no one listening that doesn't speak Chinese.

Monday, January 11, 2021

I am preparing for the end... but it is no where that I know

 I am gone.


... and I am back, I seem to miss blogging and fled the fools surrounding me, there are so many.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Try again, the software is changed by magic...

   I find that I can't do with this software what I want. The problem is not the software it is the user, I have lack of knowledge and resistance to change.  I will have to be patient. Too many 'gee whizzes' built into the OS, platform for my little mind.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Pastor was preaching today! Don't you love to hear excitement?

  I do know that it calls for my attention. I have the year to reread my Bible, no telling when the governor will surrender to Swedish good sense about Covid-19, he isn't that smart.

New year, will have to forgive my sister calling me names (she knows mine, but she lives in an academic environment around cool children). And my brother thinks I am a member of a cult (which ones are dwelling in his mind I can't tell, like fears, opinions are often only mental).  I am of the opinion that Obama was born in East Africa. I go with his grandmother.  Some folks would call that a 'birther' I don't follow the rest of the description. Like the Biden election I don't have to prove it was a fraud and all. I haven't been happy since the media and Congress lost the Republic of Vietnam to the godless Communists. Of course it wasn't really a war, on America's side, it was a war on the godless Communists' side.

2021 is going to be as fine as I make and see it, and I am basically still in awe of God's work. Be humble.

Wife works out

Friday, January 1, 2021

Welcome to my New Year!

  Since I am only me, don't expect much. Thank God I am alive and well.  There have been doubts that I could make it with out the Government, science, others' better opinions and luck. I haven't trusted any and am better for it.  

Friday, December 18, 2020

How does Christmas look where you are?

   I seem to have disappointed a lot of folks and friends, but the world and I have often been apart. And now that Biden is calling for unity (among his chumps and Hillary's Deplorables) I pass. So I go to my books and Prime to fill the hours. There is nothing new under the Sun. Last evening I watched The Forgotten Army and was impressed with the history, story line and presentation. 

  FOX  news has finally lost me, never turned on The Five nor Tucker Carlson.  I trust Tucker but his  voice is so alone, I think his priorities are right.

   Still no decorations here, hiding from Covid-19.  Vaccine on the way, like relief.