Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Shopping seems to top the stuffing of Thanksgiving/Christmas...

Cool, neat, sexy, hot, OMG! just look at what I can get on Black Friday (tell me that isn't racially motivated). All in time for Christmas. Remember the theme of Miracle on 34th Street is: that Santa Claus is real and so is the spirit of Christmas and Macy's is where one can find the good stuff, or they will send you to their competitors for better pricing. They hadn't heard of Pricematch Guarantee back in the day.

What is the point? As the holidays expand, as the commercial success that can be measured in dollars, viewers, glitter and follies.

Start with Thanksgiving - I don't have it so bad. I have it really great, I live on the bounty and eat to my bursting point - which will be in some little noticed artery in my head or heart. Thank the Lord. I don't have secret police writing my name on watch lists because I am a vet, have somekind of disability and haven't a job but like to shoot guns and read the Bible and go to church, they have computer programs that will sweep me into their database - we have advanced so far beyond J. Edgar's secret file folders. I am thankful I don't live in a state like New York or New Jersey where they have fools for governors and support laws in defiance of the Constitution the People gave them to follow. Of course I do live in Washington State, where there is a decided possibility that it made slide into California madness if we just take a few more refugees from taxation and housing prices, thinking more government is a solution - but then I trust the Lord, maybe it will make us smarter to have so many fools around.

Seriously, I have been blest, we all have been blest by being here and being allowed to be foolish and grow out of it, to be stupid and to learn better, to be young and to grow older and weaker. Having started the first chapter of  I Am Malala   and for many reasons I am thankful that her voice hasn't been stilled.

My wife has the dinner planned, I keep wondering why she bought so much - figuring that she doesn't forget the spread my mother told her was the proper way to feast the Thanksgiving (my mother loved the holidays for the occasion and the getting family together). I will remember to wish you all the best of the bounty this holiday, safe travel, fine foods and family and friends... okay, some great football between little acts of love. God bless us, everyone, and save the shopping - no better gift than your attention, concern and love for others. Start it all by realizing and thanking the Lord for His goodness. Amen


  1. No interest at ll in shopping here...have a great holiday and enjoy that feast.

  2. Mom also loved to cook and feed others. Just look at all those pictures she took of us at the table ... sometimes it seems as if all we did was eat when we got together. Where are the pictures of us playing canasta?

  3. Same to you sir, and I'm NOT shopping today, or tomorrow, or anytime soon... :-)