Friday, December 6, 2013

Just about the Ladies, not that I know anything about them...

One of my problems with the way the world works, or that women are different or special or a problem is that I had my mother. She was not like your mother, mine was different, a problem and special (although when she was the first two I wouldn't admit she was special).

I started this thought process, having received an email about linkage, someone wrote something, some other read it and rephrased it, and someone read that and added a bit to their work and caused the first to read and think about who was writing, look and see pictures and writing about - linkage! What goes around, comes around. It is flu season.

In the way Appleseed works, trying to reach the vast pool of people, trying to save a sinking ship, trying to get back on the track (railroad reference) the Appleseed folks decided that Ladyseeds are a great idea. And I am always against it - because I had my mother. Or she had me. Or because I like women - nah, that can't be the reason. I just think that women, ladies all, need to be included for their part in the nation and its heritage. I have watched ladies take instruction and run with it, working harder and better and improving the program constantly - so I have never supported a separation of the species by gender. Having said that up front, I am smart enough to know that some men are and some women are and they just don't always work well together in some events. That some people need to be sheltered from their fears, so they can gain the power to confront the foolish and make the shots and speak and do math in public. Later

The nicest thing about being truly humble is my self awareness that the world isn't looking to me for leadership, wisdom nor the solution. So although I am against the Ladyseeds on my watch, I wish them all the best, from personal experience I do know there are men that can ruin a great shot or even a shoot if one allows them.

So, Ladies, do attend an Appleseed or a Ladyseed, enjoy the time and the heritage becomes yours to pass it on to posterity. I am sure my mother would approve and one of your daughters will be teaching me something about Liberty, shooting, or life one day.  But it won't be at a Ladyseed.


  1. Great idea Earl, the more women who shoot, the better off we are!

  2. I have the same problem getting more girls to take computer science. Good luck to Appleseed's efforts.