Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Closer to solvency, aren't you?

End of the month, and sure enough, I was able to pay some bills and pay off more of my debt. Feels good to know that my personal debt is decreasing. So I have more of my money to take care of a future. Not that the country has any future, the politicians do not address the repayment of the debts. I know, many people would love to tell me that it can happen as soon as we hit the lottery of life. We can grow our way out of it, there are ways.

But there aren't. Watching the news programs I find that few remember Ron Paul's election bid and programs. They make comments that the candidates haven't answered the tough questions about taxes, policy and what it will take. Governor Romney has mentioned he wants to cut the size of government, give much back to states and there will have to be compromise and head butting against walls.

Yep, pain is not what we want to hear, but we might have to stop the increase in any spending, all COLA and re-establish the Treasury as the printer of money - the Federal Reserve is out of control, government control anyway.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

So what does America stand for and believe in?

Being only an old man, just one out of 31+,million, just fine and totally legal citizens what I believe isn't exactly what others have in mind. I do read and know the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America - I read and study the Holy Bible much more - it has stood longer and is truer than what seems to be sounded in the media. Still, I am concerned with the falling apart of what worked so well once. What has happened?

There is a very real Political Correctness that is insane and for some reason unknown to me, strikes back and attacks people of reason that bother to point it out. There is much concern about violence and less about immoral behavior, and strong belief that only through drugs can a human be properly entertained, controlled or healed of all their problems. Things do change, but Man doesn't really evolve, too many genetic generations needed to make a permanent adjustment, and sure enough, the situation will change again.

It is about to be Halloween, and I am reminded of the spider, spin the web, catch prey, and repair and rebuild the web as needed. No time to evolve because the weather changes or Congress passes a new law to regulate where the spider should build the web. Have a great week, the Law of Gravity is not yet repealed. The White House is still awaiting a completion of the investigation into whom to hold responsible for the protection of the American way and the truth. Don't hold your breath.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Lance Armstrong?)... didn't win, but he trusted fools...

Lance Armstrong, had cancer, then went on to ride bicycle races - and was an important, very much so, part of the team from America that raced and won him the Tour d'France. He trusted doctors for his cancer, he trusted machines and team mates and some witch doctor thing called blood doping from the best of Soviet Sports medicine (?). And thinking it was what helped him win, at all costs, he forgot that he was the one pumping those pedals, leading the team in tactics and unity to win, seven years in a row. He decided to side with the Devil and lie about it, sure that only God knew the truth - and I am sure that God does know the truth - because Lance was still the one pumping all those miles on those bikes, and Lance was sure he was cheating to win and once you betray yourself, everything else is just in the degree.

I am sure that Lance rode all those miles, sprinted and paced and set records, there are video tapes of the pack behind him. I know that the authority, that has written the terrible expose of his foul methods wasn't pedaling behind him, couldn't have caught him even if they had his super witch doctor blood brew and has justified their handicap by exposing his. He didn't trust in the Lord. He trained harder than most other cyclists and he wanted to win so much more that he thought he had to do anything to win.

He has no honor, he didn't honor his parents, his sport nor his following public. He didn't honor the Lord. I am not a bicycling fan, but I have competed poorly in endeavors a various times, enjoying the competition and the challenge and accepting what I earned, and truly appreciating how hard one has to train to get that little bit of edge to win. There is no doubt in my mind that when I was in the military I worked very hard to win on the battlefield, not always the way my leadership would have loved, but to the goal in my mind it was the best. As good as the godless Communists of Korea and Vietnam were they didn't get me or the units I was with for my shortcomings, although luck has much to do with that. The Iraqi Army had their idea of God, but didn't trust their equipment nor their instructors and never learned how to fight and win, losing and living was okay in their mind.

The idea of Honor has really gone away from the general culture in America, it was once what all men were judged by - by their women and other men. But in those days we had a real relationship with the Lord above, and then with everyone of his creatures on earth which we were to care for...

So, I see what happened in Libya and the Ambassador his staff and the CIA security, and the White House staff. It wasn't the President, nor the Secretary of State, but the fools surrounding them making decisions beyond their pay grade - not to have too military a presence, or to overkill any threats, to pretend that when the dawn broke life would be wonderful and this would be long forgotten. The President and the Secretary of State come into the story strongly only after the questions arose. Not that they have been answered. Just that now you know, if you are away doing the government's business - you will not be supported nor saved if politics say the safer course is elsewhere. No Honor.

This is not new, the reason the 300 Spartans and their King is still told as a story, is that they had Honor, and so many others didn't. The reason that Caesar had to die at the Senate was the Legions and the people would follow him and not the politicians of the Senate. Cincinnatus is a remarkable story in that absolute power didn't corrupt absolutely - at least in that man. Honor, one has to cultivate it to improve it. If Lance had only counted his blessings, and trusted in the Lord, and pedaled just as fast and hard - he still would have won. But then we would have had another useless agency like the AFTE that has no honor - without a victory, having to bend and twist and torture people to get evidence and convictions.

Facebook is gone!!!! or just my computer can't hang...

Seriously, I am better now, thank you for your concern.

Just finished the last episode of The Slave Hunters, a Korean Historic Drama, which I recommend to all adventure and Liberty loving peoples everywhere. I would spend the hundred and twenty some dollars for a fine subtitled copy for my home, but I think the power is going to go out with the world implodes because not one is serious about making the future better, only about feathering their own nest. Well, back to curling up in a quilt and drinking more fluids and pretending the world is made of wonderful people with ethics and morals. Then I catch a glimpse of a politician or an entertainer that hasn't a clue.

God loves you, even when those empty folks don't. Be very good out there, and make every shot count.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ahhh, I am ill, and free at last, good Lord, free at last.

I think I am getting better, but my wife is sure I should go to the hospital and I am sure I won't. But I love that she loves me. Turnip soup, ginger tea, medicines and more sleep will conquer all my ills.

No, the part about free at last is the lack of interest in the election, now that our votes are being counted and off our table. I have had Fox News on, and I don't care for the chatter so I mute it much as I look for something much more worthy. I read blogs and forwarded some to Facebook with a little comment - I am happy other people in the world are doing wonders with words and pictures, and always hoping that their lives are blest. Reading well written blogs is an education in what matters... and not for commercial compensation. For Entertainment I watched 'The Slave Hunters' episode 22, two more to go. I love that story - different culture, long ago, and still stirring in all those Red blooded American ways of HONOR, Courage, Liberty and Justice for all. I will be buying my own copy for those lonely blue days with gray skies. After a couple thousand rounds of 30-06.

Still working on the business card logo - solid on the business, and then in the how to improve Earl quest I have returned to something that my mother would be proud of, my father, too, and I like surprising them positively so I will be working on it, seeing what needs done, how it will work together. That is the teaser for today... it won't get anyone to read this - but it is the writing that is my reward, comments and conversations about my points are like a bonus. It is all good. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Don't we know why America works? is it fate?

Nah, we are just lucky - right? Okay, for you religious folks - God made it so. Or an honest hard working self sacrificing people stood up and fought against authority that they didn't believe had their interests at heart, won the war, and then wrote rules for a government to protect them, and enable them into the future. These were intelligent, moral and loving folks. They did a pretty good job and what they created and sent to us in the future had things to correct, and they worked on those things. Somewhere, the idea came along that more was possible, more needed done, that the government could replace God the Father, giver of everything.  I will not tell you that idea has any merit, God is and government isn't even godly, or even Good. God is Good.

The reason I bring this up, there was a piece by Gail Collins in The News Tribune, titled "Rapid-fire answers to gun control, but quickly off-target" (remember that editors get to title the writing). Ms. Collins did a fine job of worrying how the Presidential contenders failed to answer the fears of Nina Gonzalez who asked Mitt Romney and Barack Obama about gun control.

Now, they are politicians, they don't shoot that I have ever heard of (Ryan and Biden have) so I wouldn't think they have any real interest in solving gun control. But what I did understand from the article was that they aren't correct about the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, even most gunnies aren't correct, but that could go back to a poor education and that silly thing about rights not exercised are lost.

The Constitution was designed by people to do those things they would like a government to do for them. I strongly recommend reading it, reviewing it annually. But the part that addresses gun control is written into the 2nd Amendment. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. This is where I get to point out that the first part says a well regulated Militia is necessary to the security of a free State - very important thought. The citizens should be armed, awake and aware and responsible for the security of a free State. The National Guard is not the militia, it is a fine organized force for the state, which can be activated into Federal service - but it has never been expected in the Constitution, nor in reality to defend the security of a free State. The National Guard is  responsible for the security of the powers that be in charge - they will attack the people, have done so in the past, I expect they will do so in the future, I don't want them to, but I do expect that being in an organized military formation, with uniforms and orders from officers above them they will do as ordered. If they were in a militia made of their families and neighbors, electing their own officers and having real names they might behave differently.

The government has taken the fears of the governing and many of the governed to infringe upon the people's right to keep and bear arms. Yes, all the way to now - and that is so wrong. Artillery and machine guns are expensive, but they are arms that are fine for the people to keep and bear. If you remember that responsible adults with moral values and common sense are far outnumbering the criminal, insane and totally stupid folks. I have some experience and know that using machine guns, mortars and artillery isn't easy - which is why most movie makers, criminals and terrorists get it so wrong. The original idea was that the citizen really would be the first defender of his home, community and our country. The original concept was that most of the military formed up would be made of those militias and their mobilization, only after Napoleon and his drafting of French men to fill his battalions for his wars and the unpopular war - the Civil War, was draft extended in the United States to fill the regiments of the Union and the Confederacy - the responsible adults of common sense could see that modern war was not a great way to live long and prosper. I am almost sure that the draft isn't Constitutional, but haven't time to research nor worry about it.

The problem I see is the death by firearms of the victims, normally the innocent, and that begins the whole foolish notion that gun control will stop those from happening. It is like pretending a Judge issuing a restraining order, which will cause the person restrained to be deprived of their firearms, will protect the potential victim. But having a law against murder won't protect them, it will allow the state to punish properly a murderer (if they have evidence and want to). Gun control is hitting your target, safely. The term gun control used in reference to the efforts to keep guns from the hands of anyone, at any time is impossible and wrong. A controlled substance is one that is in control, but when used for a prohibited substance it doesn't work.

My whole point is that no one looks at how the United States of America began, expanded and grows without returning, over and over to revolt and rebellion, without killing off most of those that don't look or speak like all the rest of us.  You can look around and still see fools worrying about race, riches, class and classification - and always POWER. But due to limiting the government's power, real and perceived, the people's potential is always growing testing limits and expanding where the government has been unaware and far away.

We should all mourn the death of the innocent, but we don't blame the cause - which will often be a human being out of control, insane or incompetent. Personal responsibility is ignored at our peril. It is our country, our leaders, our representatives and our duty to make it work well. Not the government's responsibility to make me work for it well.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Have looked at surviving the coming collapse...

lots of people will, some will never even know it happened. Just think of all the different countries in the world, and most of us know nothing about them. Same thing on when it all goes south, the higher one is on the food chain, the quicker one becomes rotting flesh. Sickness or more likely starvation, the more complex will die back, down or totally off. Some may get protection from natural barriers, but as seen with the Pacific Island birds - that can go fast after technology catches up. All that science overcome by biological activity...

Not important but I think I have my new business - mission or purpose, the name (the logo hasn't really been designed yet). As soon as I get the logo I will make the business cards.

I am reading "We Have the War Upon US; The Onset of the Civil War, November 1860 to April 1861" by William J. Cooper.  The nation has ignored good sense before, the stakes are even higher this time.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Halloween (all Hallows eve) or....

I have been a bit ill, and will blame it on a cold virus, but am in the second day of coffee withdraw, and that isn't helping. I have been driving deep into sleep (fighting my illness or just lazy).

Have been reading "Ghosts of Manhattan" by Douglas Brunt - very interesting to see foreign cultures almost made me want to find the book about the man that worked at Goldman Sachs, that left because he found a true lack of leadership and ethics. Hmm, I can wait upon the library, can't I? Sure.

Halloween suffers much of the same attack by commercialism and stupidity that Christmas does. It has some traditional purpose before Christianity, and the early missionaries seemed to label it as the last chance for evil before ALL SAINTS DAY.  There are bad things to fear going bump in the night. But my Halloween growing up was a children's holiday to dress up in costume and go around asking for candy and treats at the neighbors. Yes, there were some adult parties, but not so serious.

Along the way insane folks started trying to hurt the children, by poisons and pins and just totally bad popcorn balls. They were sure they were cool, but I did mention they were insane, criminally so. The media spread the word, and built the fears - so popcorn balls, fudge, brownies and cookies were no longer wonderful, and the big harvest of goodies and goodness from the neighbors we all knew by their names was followed by a concerned parent search of everything for whatever the boogieman had filled the bags with. Flame proof costumes, and bigger displays of sugarful candies at the stores increased the commercial success. Wiccan began to become serious new religion based on old gods and spirits. Much more to exploit. They reclaimed Halloween by saying they were first. This alarmed the Evangelical Christians, so the conflict to de-glamorize Halloween began.

Having met too many of the real monsters in the world, and having all my own personal nightmares I am sure that the original Halloween of my childhood was wonderful. I also know that the ugliest monsters that molest children and youth are often the ones we would live quietly beside, because they weren't always that way and went insane, probably incurably. Anyway, the Christians have gone to Harvest Festival, although many of us no longer near enough to a farm to harvest nor appreciate it. So, I have been elected by the security volunteers of the English Language Ministry as their captain for parking lot and bathroom patrol - looking for looters and pedophiles.... What I expect that I will see is a lot of happy children, with a mandatory Christian outreach starting program, before the games, activities and Trunk or Treat. The world keeps changing, I am always happy to stand up for good times, children and against the terrors in the minds of adults. Someone must - can't all be playing Halloween on CastleVille on Facebook - some of you have real lives.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Maybe we can't see the whole picture,

by pinpointing our concerns we can miss the whole picture. I have no job, so I look at the economy and miss the wonder of being able to exist on what I earned long ago and far away.

I know nothing about women that I can share - never wanted to live in a world without them, never thought they weren't as able as I, certainly not as a MAN. My very best as Earl they surpass constantly. One thing I am very positive about, no two women are ever represented by one view point.

So when the Playboy Philosophy and NOW tell me the same thing about women, that my mother would say is stupid, sexist or exploitative. I will go with my mother's good sense, about women and their issues. The next time some fool tells me that the law is right and abortion is a good thing, I hope I get to send them to the Hell without Love. I think one of the greatest evils is the idea that sexual gratification takes priority over the life conceived in the course of its activity. I am certain that the government doesn't need to have anything to do with sex, except to protect life. There isn't enough love in government to help in anything else. I often wonder if they do teach science, because if you really understand science, and human reproduction - then you do know that life begins at conception - and pregnancy isn't as easy, ask any of the thousands of women that have miscarriages, as it seems on television or in the text book.

That is the little picture, problems over Women's (Reproductive?) Rights in the National dialog. But the lack of a value of life, and living it in Love and for the best God has given us and of our neighbors and ourselves is the real problem. If you read my words carefully, you realize that all my views are little ones, looking for the target and fixing my sights upon it... in the end I know the government, under any political system or party, does not love its subjects, citizens or unborn.

I also know that my friends, family and neighbors have a higher regard for my life and betterment, than the government in its best goodness (which shows up so seldom). But even they have difficulty creating a world so great and beautiful that I will never see it all, and they will hesitate to die for my sins and stupidity - but I know that someone did, and I will never be that worthy.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Binders full of fools...

Please, Mitt Romney (we are on very casual names, he constantly asks me for money), ask for qualified shooters for your advisors. We would even be happy if you made binders of women shooters and other binders of men shooters. What you probably don't need is binders of fools, they seem to be everywhere on the media. I am really wondering what the problem is - the idea there might be more than a few qualified women? that Romney doesn't have all information on a PDA? That those binders look like the way the German offices are often run so successfully? I give up, I am so clueless as to why the fools not in a binder somewhere are worried that you made that statement. Sounds like organization to me.

It is good to be me, to be above the common man, above average, too low to concern anyone, totally off the radar.

In the news this morning, watching BBC News on PBS wins over the concern on MSM about the binders of women, that Big Bird isn't in.... big bird is a straight male bird? I didn't know. Brightly colored, must be a male. Honey Boo-boo? is a Redneck, or just a joke exploited upon a child? There is so much to be thankful for:

The FBI is continuing their wonderwar on terror by convincing their stupid victims that they aren't from the government and know how to make a big bomb to take out parts of Manhattan. If he wanted to hurt the Federal Reserve he should have read Ron Paul's book END THE FED. But fools fall into FBI traps all the time. Remember this is the same FBI that investigate the attack in Libya, and found no one to blame. I will say the FBI body count is much better than the fake felonies of the ATFE, by a bunch. Got to admit that the stamp of illusion still rules from J. Edgar's day, only Hollywood makes more money at it.

I also noticed that since President Obama didn't present a plan for the future, and that Mitt Romney keeps directing you to his five point plan, his web site and talks about it but can't be heard for the herd that won't listen, and can't shoot straight, but will say that it won't work. We already know they won't work.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beauty break... and just enuff gumption..

Have to thank the Lord, break in the storms and the Sun shines. He gave me just enough get up and go to getoutta home and on to the road. Don't stop at the black berry bushes, those last fat ones will stain your teeth, but they are so good.

Go ahead, count the colours of red and yellow... I will wait.

Some of us don't have to deck the halls with what comes from WalMart or Sears.

Just touched (or torched?) with gold.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

You want to destroy Islamic Terrorists, preach the Good News.

 The government in Washington, DC, really likes a passive population, afraid of the terrorists and the things that go bump in the night.

 As much as I worry about the loss of honor and bravery in America - it is only the politicians and media and bankers that seem afraid of truth, and I know that the way the Taliban wants to rule their world for their religion and culture is a failure even if we leave like we did in Vietnam. But leaving doesn't make America stronger... hmm.
 No, we need to rededicate ourselves - I have heard that somewhere before... but being Politically correct is just so WRONG!

So, I think I will go and take up the cross and spread the Good News. Doesn't seem to be coming out of Washington, DC.

I have no problem killing my enemies, I just think they will be so much better to live beside when they are converted to the Truth. And if you were ever subjected to trying to sleep beside hundreds of dead decaying bodies you would appreciate the much better alternative, pray for and convert your enemies. Such an easy thing. Kind of like feeding the multitude, it is a distribution problem, not a lack of food.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sure I watched the debates between VP wanna-be's

Yes, I also know that Biden is currently the Vice President. But I hadn't thought he took that Vice part as an activity to display before the world. Until last night I thought he had manners. I don't know how the Congressman took his insulting attitude and behavior in public, being a younger father he might have been displaying the concerned care and love one has for the terrible two year old at the dinner table or department store. I felt insulted, I am smarter than those the Vice President has been talking to? I don't think so, but the way he was treating the hostess was crude and rude and I might have reached across and made him re-focus.

I am very fortunate that I am not voting for truth, character or potential in the VP to become the President of the United States.  You are also, very fortunate. Your choices should be easier now fault lines are exposed.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dreams are wearing me out... I should get a job...

Went to sleep happy and warm, and then the dreams started.

Based upon a nice blog post about the decline, decay and destruction of America - caused by politicians and bankers. But really caused by an entirely too stupid culture of "I want it now and will pay for it later!" The Enablers of the dependency are the Bankers and Politicians - for their own gain, not for you. Honest, you think they made credit cards, debit cards and tax credits to make you Free and Healthy? If you owe money they own you. Sadly, that same people have elected politicians that run the government into debt the same way. No one studies History so we are doomed.

I would love to tell you, like there is a large audience out there, to pay off all your bills, go to cash economy and grow it and love your neighbors. But the government and banks want all transactions in electronic accounting, better for monitoring and taxes.

Well, my dreams were of building and training an army to resist the immediate rules and regulations and stupidity that the government and the people that think they own us will bring down on our heads. It has already started but you haven't been paying attention, have you?

But although the building and training an army was based on my D&D experiences and RPGs, I realized that stage two was missing. Resistance, the being better than the thugs of government - civil disobedience is very needed. Yes, they will mace and stun you, and some of us will die... but greater love has no man.

Yes, even our government will go to concentration camps, cattle cars and mass graves  (or more likely, powering the grid with burning bodies instead of coal). They have no problem with drone strikes against their enemies in Toyota trucks, do they? What is sad is so many of us, future victims, think that they have a right to be so wrong.

To do stage two best, one needs to get right with God, and to clean up one's own life - scrub it, the government will go all the way back to your fooling with your cub scout days and that pen knife, to hang your reputation out in public. Just know that only the Lord is worthy of your worship and love, not the great idea betrayed by current culture.

Needless to say, I did get really tired trying to fight the government and the stupidity, but I woke to rest in the Lord's day and His way. Take care out there, there are more good people everywhere than there are evil ones.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Once you start messing with success...

You get a strange bird... Okay, Big Bird for symbol of the Left, and a Scrooge Mc Duck for the Right, and ACME for the Congress, and Wiley Coyote for all those feeding on the public coffers...

My modest tax proposal, is stop all tax credits, tax only once per citizen, and make the Treasury and Congress print the money, by hand. And if you don't have the money to do something, don't do it.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Smoke and mirrors... how human that is...

Everyone knows (I really don't like that phrase) that humans are mammals and therefore animals. Which is almost true, but humans are different. Really different. Science keeps trying to make us one with all other life, but we are really different. One of the biggest differences is thinking and creating - art and music.

Thinking is bigger than you think. But thinking allows thoughts about self and what one can't do, can do, and want to do. That brings up - there must be something beyond me that I should be able to influence in my direction or favor. Yep, and that is where we fall down from just other animals. Being a guy, I will concentrate on fight or flee. An animal will just do it - one or the other, without thought, and man will attempt to think it over.... and then find help.

Our religious institutions and political systems are designed to find you help for everything you never thought about. Honestly. With all our lively activities the government and the religious institutions will attempt to control your activity for your benefit... or they need another puff of smoke or another mirror in their illusion to make you comfortable.

There are some realities in the universe that I will share, you may have run into them before.

Gravity works, it isn't controlled by government nor the pastor.

Love is better than money - and love is only possible when one gives self to other than.

Science is finding a truth about a thought, and how you feel isn't science, nor are 'experts' scientists, although a scientific method may help them find a sharper thought to use.

Maternity and paternity are impossible to balance in a homosexual partnership, and such a partnership will not be fertile - although the participants could be wonderfully happy and loving.

Because I exist, I have no right to mess up your existence - I will pretend you believe that, too, just don't push it - or the relationship between us may end in one's end of existence.

And if I knew only as little as I did yesterday I would have stopped thinking, and testing and trying. My mother would have told you that I was always trying.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Obese Earl, yep, I too am a failure...

Seriously, I am not very good - and am not using the best my parents gave in genetic material, nurturing and good old fashioned raising me with love and discipline. I didn't learn everything the teachers and guidance counselors had to offer, didn't learn and use everything the military taught me, and when stuck I had to invent a way to get unstuck, really. Government and churches, other folks that cared or just wanted to mess with me have not made me what I am - again, stuck with. Time to find the way out?

But then, I haven't a tattoo, a pierced anything, or scars I don't regret but needed at the time. I could name all the women I have loved, and lost, and the one that won my heart so long ago. I have been drunk, have been high, have been low and don't want to do any of those fool things every again... and not all of them were caused by organic or chemical substances used or abused. I like to think I am wonderfully boring.

Noticed again that the culture is spinning faster than I can get on or get off, the economy isn't good, the government only pretends to be - and History won't survive the entertainment value. Y'all take care out there and find your loves, and work that. For I fear that others will try to ruin it for their own needs. go with God.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Just goofing off...

Still having trouble with the Korean cable, too high, too near the radio towers, bleed over from stuff in the air. I am frustrated. I think about all those people everywhere that have been wearing their foil hats to protect their brains from the aliens, or government radio frequency monitoring. So I go and get a long large piece of aluminum foil and just place it between the cable connection and the tower with the bleed over. Immediately I have again a perfect picture and sound. Now I wonder if I should sheath the entire house with foil, and protect what little mind I have left.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Death by recliner and remote control...

I was once young and skinny, strong and brave - and I read everything interesting... once an.  Like most boys I grew up and into manhood. Which was defined by my father and other older men around me, teachers, uncles, preachers, neighbors and television -- and all the books I was still reading. So, I grew up to the point my father no longer used his belt on me, he would talk to me and reach me, mostly. To me I could see the early Americans growing older, experienced and feeling ready for independence and getting on with Life.

I had many great years of doing all the stuff I wanted, and my duties and family permitted and began to feel like it could never change. Again, just like my country, the United States of America.  See where I am going?
I could be wonderful and most perfect for years and years, but I was already slipping into bad habits that would need corrected, medicated and cut away. The body doesn't perform the same, the mind wanders, and one gets weaker   but you ignore a reality because everyone marvels at how much more you are doing than they... just like our country.

Then one day, you are really OLD, and can't do what was normal - just a three mile jog was impossible. How does that happen? More doctors, more medicines, more body falling apart - being a super anything is a joke. But you can be nice, and you can adjust... Just waiting for the day of your destruction.

I bought a fitness book long ago and far away. The Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise Plans for Physical Fitness, for a dollar. This edition was 1962 and it was never taxing enough for me to do more than just read it. Well, now I have decided to start on Chart 1, and go through all the Charts until I can't. I need that to build back from where my recliner and age have put me... always someone else's fault isn't it? The country needs exactly the same treatment, tough love, and take care of only the important things. No more lovely buildings for courts... no more Big Bird financed by money borrowed from China.  Get out of the recliner and back on the track, back into work and living and loving.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

So what did you notice in the dark?

That it is difficult to see without light.

In the debate I did notice that Governor Romney said the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were the documents with American ideals. Mostly, the Constitution is praised but politicians don't much pay attention to the Declaration of Independence - that whole thing about sending agents strikes them as a great idea, not something to change a government over.

Today's lesson was that the cable is running radio frequencies, certain numbers are at the limits, loose connections will pick up stuff from the towers everywhere, and compromise the cable box ability to broadcast clearly the desired programs... it is all Bush's fault.

In my preparation for the End of THE world As WE know it. Be good, do good, and speak good well. That should work with the sane. Anyone that seeks to force folks to do anything, is either their parent or a thug. Thug elimination is a duty.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

No longer a survivor... I am meat... prey... and gone

I started reading Patriots by James Wesley Rawles, and find it takes them to page 216 to finally get a pair of breeding rabbits, the pellet guns get mentions long after the rest of the arsenal is listed, most of which are high speed low drag, and the book is interesting but mostly for what it misses way too early about preparing for the end...

So today, my wife - she who must be obeyed - comes to me to complain about our cable service. Seems that her KO-AM can't stop freezing or blocking or making a mess. Getting a technician means he gets to tell me to disconnect the cables and re-attach them, which works a bit, then the problem returns and my frustration level rises to the point of my wanting to fix the whole problem, just dump the cable. In video and DVD alone I will never have to be bothered again, and have fine entertainment.

You do realize this post is about dropping out of the United State of America. Seems the people we elect, keep enriching themselves and the chosen few, and putting the country into decline and debt. If they loved us they wouldn't do it, but then they never said they loved us, did they? I feel very much as a citizen, like the cable customer that can't get any satisfaction from the cable company - although I will now be getting a service appointment, 8-10 tomorrow. For those that still think that America can pull out of the economic mess, which is not really what the Constitutions says it is supposed to do.

I am going to go eat my morning gruel, then walk a long way away from this home, where the atmosphere has been poisoned by the NEED for stupid entertainment, not having a life worthy of note.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Oktober, the eighth Roman month... Fall sprung...

Although the Halloween stuff is hanging around, the weather has been delaying the true Fall, but then as I buried the plant food for next year I noticed a couple of branches of change worth sharing, for their beauty.

I found a couple of great depressing videos on You Tube, won't link, but they are out there. Since the new World Order isn't trying to be defined or exposed - they only want to be in control. I won't attempt to frighten you in to futile resistance. I just continue to encourage your breaking free of the chains, and the fool Change, independent humans are totally expendable if you depend on slaves for your sustenance.

 Above : Fall in reds
There are many things I find worth being part of -- a loving relationship, a lot of loving relationships, organizations that do good things for the best of reasons, and expending your courage as well as your love. Those like muscle tissue only get stronger with use... not abuse.

To the right: Fall in green to yellows.

Don't forget the celebrations of November and December:

Election of 6 November, Thanksgiving that they didn't pick you for any of the thankless tasks, Christmas for knowing that real Saviors come into the world with only the angels singing and shepherds on watch. Now I know that being giving people you are going to expend your best in celebrations for those that you love and that love you... just remember it isn't only on a few days of the year you must make bankers and merchants and experts enriched by your commerce. And hugs and hand holding keeps one warm longer than some heat pad.