Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It is Christmas and I shouldn't blog...

So, I won't. I did wake up to a warm home, a wonderful wife, a full larder and the rain was outside beating on the road and roof, not in my heart. We had breakfast, exchanged gifts, and went to Christmas Combined (culture/language) service with communion, a wonderful feeling of completeness to the day. I had pondered a bit the people getting breakfast at Denny's and coffee places - felt sorry for their lonely, to me Christmas is always about family - one in Bethlehem and the one in our hearts and homes. When returning home I found my internet folks, and a Skype.com call from my son, I called back immediately. Yes, I know it was dark on that side of the world, for more than one reason and I called my wife to talk to him. Made her day, she will have more to worry about him now, but he did receive the food package we sent. Then  he and I got settled in and started talking.

Talked to my sister later, both conversations tell me that I really don't communicate well, especially on Facebook and this blog. But I am trying.

So how does the cook know you really loved the feast she made just for us? Well, if she were my wife she read my mind as I filled my plate up the second and third times - it was saying some foolishness about I could work it all off tomorrow - and the gentle kiss on the back of her neck with a nuzzle might have convinced her. Hope y'all had a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. Glad you and your loved ones had a great Christmas.

    Heh. Not blogging, indeed!