Friday, December 14, 2012

For some reason, this is the Christmas story ignored...

A voice was heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children; and she refused to be consoled, because they were no more.

Very sorry that so many have died today, in a school in Connecticut,  I do pray that God cherishes them and I will meet them in a Heavenly Kingdom. There are so many killed on Earth, by people I don't understand. I really don't like the media coverage, the rumors and the best guesses and how do we stop it from happening again.

My only thought on it seems to be to castrate the boys at about thirteen and our problem should be solved. 

The American current culture seems to have the idea that using vulgar and offensive language will one feel better about calling for more chains of law and regulation upon our activities. It is already very illegal to do those things the young man did to others. Our media doesn't even cover the cover up very well if there is a government misdeed. Tragedy in other lands doesn't sell products in the United States.

In the end, they are killing the unborn, the new born and the innocent and it is so sad that we don't mourn them all well. Even sadder that instead of calling for better behavior, manners and relations with God and Man, they call for more change in my life and beliefs. I am not asking for it. Did you count the number of law enforcement officers, armed at the school after the event? Only the media crews were more numerous, I know those praying for the lost lives and souls hurt today by far out numbered the active responders, if we can only get up to all those watching and knowing taking the time to pray and ask for guidance, forgiveness and peace - that would be a real miracle.


  1. I have followed the news on most of the mass shootings, and one point the media coverage almost entirely disappears - many of these shooters seem to have mental issues and have been seen by doctors and were taking medications. Knowing how poorly the media labels firearms, I am certain they wouldn't get medications correct, but there looks like a link enough to cover. Hopefully, law enforcement and medical science are looking?