Thursday, December 20, 2012

How is your world? Sad and no wiser?

From yesterday:

Church was fine tonight, children's Christmas performances, I started feeling sad when twenty of the cute kindergarten & 1st graders lined up, but then I was sure that no mad man with an awful weapon had a chance to interrupt them, would be no media to hunt them down after, God was in the house, and all the people praised him. Only the media wouldn't understand why I was sure they were safe in the church and their families' love.

The truth is that no one is answering well my question, what would you do to protect all our children everywhere from those that want to harm them?


  1. I know of one school where the paid faculty and staff are trained in firearm usage and some of them are armed every day since the school is 20 minutes from the first responders. That is an excellent idea. After all, everyplace where I have taught, the paid faculty and staff are trained in first aid and CPR to help before the first responders get there.

    1. Good to know, it must not be a public school with Federal funding, but they are taking the correct steps to protect the children - which is the only point I had.