Sunday, December 16, 2012

The President looked very fine tonight...

Spoke many of the words I wanted him to, to those from the families and school, not sure at all why he was televised, but I do know that he had many more veiled sentences than he needed when he spoke. I would have crossed many of them off - since they were leaning towards something far outside the subject of comfort and support. In all his four years in very public view he has never referred so well to the Holy Bible and the Lord's comfort to those suffering. I hope that works well for him and the Lord.

The conspiracy folks are typing up all the things they think are being withheld from our knowledge by the Media, and laying parts of it upon a complicit law enforcement records. Reminding those of the same cynical view of Waco Texas and the siege of the Branch Davidians, the government and the media will lie, for many reasons, but they don't always.

I do know, for sure and in all truth, that the idea that any government that supports arming the Syrian and Libyan resistance to those of official long term government --  can't really think they can sell disarming of the American public - can they? Sure they can, but it isn't going to be easy. Remember these are the fools of both parties that can't stop the bleeding of the budget (even if you never plan one, once you start throwing money away, that is part of your budget). I don't know, perhaps in the education system or the thoughts of the only 'me' culture, where anyone gets the idea that those assuming power have the Divine Right of Rule and shouldn't be questioned nor replaced more frequently.

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  1. Good points Earl, but nobody is discussing the mental health elephant that's in the room... sigh