Thursday, December 27, 2012

So what hits the news today?

Feeble attempts to work out a deal before we all go over the cliff?

It does not matter. If the government is incompetent, the media no longer stands on its honor and truth, if the American citizens don't take their own action, the Earth abides and God is in Heaven.

So, since I am looking for important conversation on the troubles, the problems and the answers - I will continue to visit the YMCA, study the Bible and love better and better, Amen.

Two points I like to make: the movie Gran Torino, see it again, slower - all the answers are there, it isn't a sound bite, there are things we would like to ignore but it was a good picture of where America went while we were off on our own thing... and we woke up without someone to remind us we are better than that.

I had a comment to an ad on Facebook:

Still young and beautiful enough to make up for lack of real knowledge, real men don't need guns they carry them to protect the innocent and completely stupid.

in reply:

  • James Sands Unfortunately William Earl Dungey there are more completely stupid carrying guns than real men
  • William Earl Dungey Too true, too true.
    So an answer is for all the Good Men, the real men to get their guns, not leaving the world to the tender mercies of the Mayor of New York and the Main Stream Media which knows that conflict in Syria sells but in the streets of our cities not so much?
    So the 'everyone knows' anti-gun crowd, the ones that think Gun Control will work better than Drug bans, alcohol prohibitions and everyone succeeds when it is fair.... the ones that don't understand that Economy happens if there isn't a government agency to measure it, build it or screw up the outcome - for whatever reason. 
    I found this worth sharing, along with the movie, 

    Gun Restrictions Have Always Bred Defiance, Black Markets

     Now, I have done my best for the blog from here. You have to see the movie, and read the linked, and join me in the revolution.

    I am in the passive resistance portion now, I refuse to think they are important, know what is going on, or are headed in the direction that will make this a better country. Don't participate and give them the spotlight or the satisfaction. No hurry on getting to the armed revolution portion, I have to go see Les Misserables -- no I won't check the spelling or link the movie trailer. It is about France anyway, it could never happen here. Could it?

    Earth abides and God is in Heaven, and hopefully in your heart.

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  1. Concur on the post, and I "think" they are getting closer and closer to attempting confiscation... That, in my opinion, IS the line in the sand...