Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Discipline, the act of doing the right thing when no one is watching...

Discipline is a most important characteristic of the military person, and for all the successful humans that I have ever met, there are a few billion of them out there that I can't speak about. You first seem to run into discipline as a kind of punishment to remind you of the best choices of adults around you for your behavior. Normally a parent or grandparent, but there are others. Then along came the military service and a new definition of discipline that I could love even more - because it meant I took the proper action in the absence of orders, oversight or cynical watchers/scoffers. That feels good, and is the best procrastination protection around, just be disciplined and you will finish those tasks as needed, now.

To make a good shot your marksmanship builds on discipline, the better efforts are self motivated, you are trying to beat your best, constant evaluation, honest assessment, and practice perfectly. I must get back on track, and I can't wait on the President nor Congress to make Earl's life and loves better - I have a certain point of view that tells me they have little idea of how to pay down the massive debt, nor spend only money they take in, or ask more from their money men buddies and the poor that can't help themselves, they have no discipline and don't seem encouraged by popular media to know the problem, nor find the answers. I feel lucky they don't carry firearms much, they don't look like they could hit the target.

Snow falls, but you could leave it in the way until Spring, only the Ice Age might make it a problem and that enligtened media is harping about Global Warming, not a problem.


  1. Yep, and that discipline 'we' learned is with us today... Then next generation, not so much... sigh

    1. We have to keep preaching the message, some of them get it, and it is very surprising which ones do, but always happy to know someone paid attention.