Friday, December 21, 2012

Remember when we could do anything, be anything?

I once observed that little children will try everything, singing, dancing, painting, reading, tumbling, riding and a host of stuff - because they want to join the fun all around them. Then some adult will come along to put fear in them - about dangerous stuff like touching fire, tongues to frozen steel monkey bars, jumping out of windows and pulling the cat's tail.... and then that they aren't pretty enough, smart enough, strong enough, swift enough, that they haven't learned enough, aren't certified, qualified or verified. The whole education system seems to freeze them into a boring place, a safe place, a calming place, a peaceful place and enriching place...  which isn't a real world, but seems like that warm cozy bed as you and the Sun get ready to rise in the morning.

This nation, the United States of America, was founded by people seeking a place where they could be free from fears - very real fears - of denying their own religion, of denying them the opportunity to make their family stronger and healthy and free from old ideas, free from want, free from slavery, free from stupid governments with rules of "it has always been that way". The nation was founded by men that trusted there were enough good men to make sure there wouldn't be a bad government, an evil government. Noble goal, what? Governments do know there are more good people than bad ones, but they like to have power, and one way to ensure more power is to frighten most people - to highlight the problems that only they can handle, the official responsible... kind of, but don't quote me.

I once had a flat tire, I looked for a certified tire repairer to get it fixed, no one would take my money to fix my tire, so I got the tools and took it down and I fixed it, put it back together and inflated it and got back on the road. My grandfather and father would have taken maybe thirty minutes (they had the tools) and experience of having to take care of it themselves... what changed? How did we, as a well educated and healthy people, get so helpless? Death by recliner, bring me another beer kid and change the channel.

I do have to thank, the President of the United States for two things under his administration, the death of four Americans doing the best they could in Libya - and the death of twenty-six in a school house in Newtown, CT. It isn't his personal responsibility for those failures, not even close, but it should have reminded the rest of us, in the World, that absolute power has no limitations and it has no real power. You only save those that have the power not the unwanted or not needed, have plenty. The Emperor has no Clothes, is a fine fairytale with a very real message - just because you believe it, doesn't make it so, no matter what the Main Stream Media and the fawning flunkies are lauding.

When comparing Canada with our nation's crime statistics, no one compares the cleaner streets with our potholed and trashed ones. When comparing Mexico's strong gun bans - they somehow miss all the dictators, revolutions, and current criminal empires thriving in that poor country, that could be so rich. Where a people are freer, and opportunity to be sought the American experiment stands tall - as we copy other models where the people are too stupid, too wild and too lazy to take care of themselves... the nation withers and prepares to die.

As the Federal Government has provided all the security they can in the Gun Free Zones, it is up to the parents, concerned teachers, neighbors and friends - to arm themselves and stand up to guard against the invaders and murderers. No one loves enough anymore? I don't believe that for a minute. But I do believe that many would want assurance that doing it for themselves wouldn't make them laughed at, mocked and attacked by the better and elite fellowship of fools, nor jailed by the same.

If you start the conversation with "I am only Earl, but I think..." it is humble enough, but they won't listen nor report it, because "they" know you aren't qualified, certified and bonified --- and they are horrified that you think you are identified without any of their labels, personified. Stand up, God knows your name and your heart --- you can do anything, for they aren't.


  1. Excellent post Earl, and 'our' humble opinions don't matter to elites, nor does our actual experience... Sigh...

    1. It does matter, they like that while they party and Rome burns the little people will be putting the flames out, or dampening them so when the dust settles the new developments with all the best stuff, paid for by our taxes may be built and beautify our little corner of the world.

      If they wanted any ...... from us they would have broken our skull and scoupt it out.