Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Distracted? Disturbed? Disillusioned? Nah!

So the Congress and the President don't agree about much, so the end of the world as predicted everywhere is going to happen, so that really great one got away, so you can't be the first, the best, the most important. Maybe all your perceptions are based on false values. Start over, reboot, trash all that stuff you picked up along the way, lighten that load and get on with whatever you thought you had to accomplish before the lights go out all over the world.

Well, my wife called me from my reading to talk over the Fiscal Cliff - that she is finally facing since she hasn't a paycheck any longer. She cautioned me to not get upset or angry, then to sit down and listen to her questions and desires. The television was turned off, I moved the recliner so I faced her and I had a fresh cup of coffee. We NEGOTIATED! We are civilized, and care about each other, and have no political debts to repay on the other's money. So, I asked how much she needed (she has no idea), I asked what she wanted (she had no idea), so I made an offer and told her what day to expect it, I also made sure she understand there isn't any money left for anything else. Then we reviewed our monthly spending and our household duties and capabilities. She is happy enough, she hasn't checked with her friends yet, and she only answered the telephone twice while we were negotiating (I immediately got up and went somewhere else). When I showed her where the accounts are kept, the current amounts and the size of the monthly bills, she asked about what happens when a car breaks down. I told her we have it towed away and hope the other car lasts.

I am always going to wonder when the government will catch up with the efficiency of the family, not much belief in that it would ever happen. Families care about each other.


  1. Earl, if only... Problem is, they don't REALIZE the magnitude of the problem! They'll blather, BS, and kick the can yet again as we go broke...

  2. Well, I still owe you a dinner, anytime you get by, and if it is on a free Saturday, we could even go shoot targets or something...

    we shouldn't participate in totally stupid stuff, not kind to laugh at them in their pretensions and pretense, is it?