Friday, November 21, 2014

Normal November in the NorthWest...

 Grey and wet, cool and calm, mushy turf and leaves, squishing beneath the boots, while watching the final mole mountains being birthed...

  My harmony with the universe is gone, up early to support my wife's adventure into kim-chee making at the church, so I go early to the YMCA, and find my locker room blocked off for cleaning - I won't get locker 82, so the heck with the workout, leave a couple of light complaints with the other few old guys that talk to me and go get a hair cut (I wonder why I even try) and pick up more LDL busting drugs... sigh.

  Two strangers are about to meet, they are watching and they know a lot about each other within ten feet. I hand my military ID card to the guard and he looks the vehicle over and the card and says "Does it get any easier?" (There is a cry for help if I ever heard one) and I respond 'What?' and he repeats "Does it ever get any easier, Sergeant Major" ah, he has a real question with some expectation that an old man might know the answer.... hmm, so I respond "No, it never gets any easier, but it is always interesting." and as he hands my ID back he agrees. "Yes, it is always interesting." with a smile and thoughts about better times. Both of the strangers thinking of the interesting times and better memories ages apart..

  Still grey and wet in the great NorthWest, and I am happy that my wife knows I like hooded coats for the adaptation to reality - rain pounding on my head. Lovely lady she is.

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  1. Nope, it doesn't get easier, and I could do with a LOT LESS interesting too... sigh