Sunday, December 7, 2014

I am all about me, and my stuggle to get to Heaven or get laid... or something.. like that...

  Just an old fat white man in the corner of forgotten blogdom, keep on walking, riding or speeding by... nothing to see here.  The big goal of last week was reached I finished the twenty mile bicycle ride (expresso,com) on Saturday and the total mileage of ninety for the Express Alps award, six days on the machine grinding the miles out. Felt tired enough that I went home without my normal ten kilometers of rowing (no Zumba instructor to distract me). Great week, since coming back from family Thanksgiving in San Diego and constant snow or rain here in the Great NorthWest, life has been fine.

  So imagine my amazement since they put me in a box, labeled it and called me names --- AGAIN? I was just cruising by on Facebook and I noticed two of my 'Friends' had shared a post that one had put on her blog. I have no idea who Mark Morford is, just like he (it is a he isn't it?) has no idea who Earl is... not this Earl anyway. But I don't put him(?) in a box and label him (Stupid Liberal from San Francisco and you know what that means, wink, wink).  But then I have such a fine following I don't make money expressing my stupidity... my mission is to make the world a wonderful place as it was designed to be.

  Mark Morford wrote this about Black Friday Gun sales (Earl doesn't believe in Black Friday, Cyber Monday and many other things but you know it is just Mark being wrong again). Such a petty poutter, Mark thinks he really knows me - well, I don't thing of myself as a Scared white guy, those are the ones I would put a twang in my voice and say 'scared 'yellow' are you?' but then Mark would jump on that as evidence that I have a problem with Asians and I should get out more...  As soon as I win the Lotto I will, Mark. The Lotto the greatest weath leveling government program for taxing the poor and mathematically challenged and disadvantaged.

  Well it is time to go to church, pray for lost souls like Mark and his normal readers, they haven't a clue. It the weather was better I could go to the range and shoot after, but I have some good stuff to make my wife's life better at home to get done. So I will, but Mark, we will be praying for you and the rest of the lost boys.

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  1. They truly don't know whom they are screwing with... Nor the friends you have... Just sayin...