Saturday, December 27, 2014

Time to review the year, 2014 is about History... hmm, just when one thinks nothing happened...

  I am so self centered, that I actually think whatever I did has lasting effect on the wobbly course the World makes through time and space, and humble enough to know - it ain't necessarily so. I have limited span of attention - me to other things (procrastination pile will grow as soon as I get around to it), and other things to me (was that a pothole or a speed bump we just sped across?). So quickly forgotten.

 Cousin Everett Dungey World War II veteran, glider command in England, and not enough known about his service. Not enough interest in following generations, or he didn't think it was a great story, or he just didn't want to talk about it - his family and future were to be secured. Wish I knew, but then my conversations with my own father about his war, were full of missing the action - we talked about the present, a little about my future, my present and his and what to do about women... the wonderful ones we married and then... I so do wish my son, father and I could have sat around a day or so before my son got married to talk. It would have been great. It couldn't have happened, it wasn't on the ladies' schedule of events for the wedding and my father had already gone to glory..

  So in general, I am still not working, am retired, paying off the home's mortgage, still trying to prepare my wife for my departure. Still marveling over how quickly children grow, and wondering why each generation has to think they have invented a better way ... only an illusion of not knowing it has been done before better.

  I did get the pacemaker, twice placed properly, and it seems to work very well. I haven't started running again, but I do exercise at length so probably could.

  I have all the Appleseed clothing I will ever need for instruction and seventh stepping. I have fine firearms in the three calibers I decided was enough for my needs and desires. My Appleseed year was pretty good, and 2015 should be even better.  Links are always there on the left of the page, yes, I do go back and re-look at them, and there must be special computer trolling programs lifting photos and comments regularly, no one needs that many looks at photographs, do they?

  I have had a very solid year in my wife's church, the Men's Bible Study group, and the Sunday School and Pastor Oliver's sermons have opened my mind to more than I knew, and that is always a great thing. Will miss Pastor Oliver as he moves on.

  In the end this thought process was started by a sudden realization that I have made an impression along the way.  ''Wish I was making a difference like you are with Marksmanship."  There are some future conversations about that to come, I hope. But for sure the comment is a wonderful observation surprise. Thank y'all for being around, making my world better than I could without you.

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  1. Earl, you ARE making a difference. Not just in Appleseed, but in life! You're providing an excellent role model for those out there who need one!