Monday, November 17, 2014

Another great Appleseed weekend, six instructors, ten shooters...

  The weather was COLD and chilling, but not wet and the Sun shown brightly upon us - we could hang. For a spur of the moment journey into the neighboring state to assist in the Appleseed with an eager young instructor that I now know was a member of the Falcon Brigade and the Eighty-Deuce paratrooping division, during the troubles in the former Yugoslavia. Imagine, he only lives a few blocks away from me.

   Many of the shooters were from one of the instructor's work place, and he said something about trying to get the other eighty workers along for Appleseeds in the future. Sounds like a great plan. His wife would earn her Rifleman patch twice this weekend and help in the future encouraging of the ladies and friends and family - getting them to a firing line somewhere some Appleseed event time. Two other shooters would earn their patch also so thirty percent is excellent and the marked improvement in everyone's shooting by the end of the second day brought smiles to everyone's faces. Link to After Action Report here.

   Of important note (who is telling this tale?)

I, because I am diligent, was able to find the flint that flew off the Brown Bess while Katie was firing it. There was only one, so that makes me a hero, saver of civilization in the moment of need. That firing the Brown Bess was a highlight of the weekend, looking at those large holes in the target helped solidify the telling of the events of Lexington and Concord in the minds of instructors and shooters.

A great time to be on the Appleseed Trail, and making up for the challenges of last weekend's wonderful weather - the crew and shooters in both events make the reason for my efforts worthy of participation. But one has to be there to understand what standing for Liberty means. Hope you do, stand and understand for it.

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