Saturday, December 13, 2014

Good Morning, coffee, and oatmeal...

  It is 5am, in the Real Coast Time. If more of the coast doesn't slide off into the Pacific. Last count was only three homes attempting suicide as they pretend they can be a ship at sea. There are always going to be more, they build them on earth temporary land - then come the storms.

  I have been building my reputation at the YMCA, still two basic workouts, the rowing machine for ten kilometers, and the bicycle for over ten miles, please. I have looked at elipticals for thirty minutes, need to get weight on feet without pounding again. Foot doctor drained the large pocket of joint lubricant that hides on top of my foot. He says it happens to folks, and it was a kind of clear jelly product - looks like good grease to me. Three hours later it starts to fill and gather again, looks like a different treatment is called for, will look at it again on Monday and call his office for the next level of cure. That reputation building at the YMCA is based on other old folks asking how long I row, and being very surprised at my calm 'over fifty minutes' response. But then I could be OCD type 'the boy who washed his hands'. I mentioned to the front desk crew, that the Y in YMCA stood for 'young'. Like they didn't know, and since they all are.

  Today, I am taking a break from the YMCA, to attend and participate in 'We WILL NOT COMPLY with I594' demonstration and illegal activity in Olympia, WA. The illegal activity is exchanging, buying and selling firearms without a background check. My participation is based on they never put the entire eighteen pages of the Initiative on the ballot, nor in the Voters pamphlet provided by the state. I will not comply mainly because I am not selling nor transferring any firearms by my reckoning. The State may see it differently, but then I will want a jury trial. The State is really not prepared to administer this law, since it has big flaws in language and how do they know which firearm belongs to whom? There is no registration in the state. Nor should there ever be, until the criminals using firearms for illegal purposes demand registration?

  On a very positive note, I started and have finished reading "Unbroken", wanted to get it before the movie comes out and I go to see it. And I will see the movie. I don't think they could stuff the whole story on the screen, but since they wanted PG13 rating, reading the book is better. Then again, I can read and imagine better than those that no longer do read and imagine. Mel Gibson did a movie about a book, and left the important second part of the book out, made the story a 'love story'. Hmm, as I get older I fall farther outside of the norm, i do so love that point of view and period of life - like exploring a new land.

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  1. New ways aren't necessarily bad, and Unbroken is one heck of a read! Hope you get the foot issue fixed soon!