Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The problem with being perfect...

 Someone that I stalk online (no, I don't really - but I do read her stuff) mentioned not being perfect and having constant troubles with the adjustment to that.... or so I think she said. So I responded that I thought she was perfect, but I have been wrong before.

  But that has bumped into my personal disgust with the fact that in a nation of over 310 million citizens, with a pool of eligible candidates of perhaps a hundred million men and women of character with a love of people, and possibilities that could be elected to be the next President that - the two major political parties and the media, and those bankrolling this farce are going to tell us the choices is between these twenty-two best qualified because of their quantified evaluations and the dark secret cabal wins again!

  When King Harold Godwinson fought William the Bastard of Normandy for the throne of England - at least they had God on their side. Now the way we pick Presidents I am almost positive that God is very far from the fray, no one even prays about the votes now... the Devil is into all the details.  Abraham Lincoln could never have called for 75,000 volunteers to conquer the Confederacy, but to free the slaves he could, which by the way was not why he fought the Civil War. He could free the slaves by Amending the Constitution, which he did with only a few slave states voting. Men march to war for reasons that may have nothing to do with why the nation has entered into the conflict.

  I in my quest for more knowledge about Boston in 1775, bought the kindle version of Boston 1775, by Francis Russell. I don't recommend it since the History is presented as if it should never have happened and why can't we all get along. Not written by a Whig nor a Tory, most certainly by a fence sitter. And I, when I read the author's name and other books, wondered if there were a relation to the owner of the Russell house in Arlington, Mass. Disturbing just when I thought that History was being researched and written well by both sides of a conflict (I love reading the British side of the issue recommending Sergeant Lamb's America and Proceed, Sergeant Lamb - fiction but good to think upon). But then I might expect too much.

  I have an idea, in my mind, of what a man is - mostly based upon my father, grandfathers and other men around me as I grew up like teachers and coaches, sergeants and officers, and characters from stories, histories, and historical fictions and science fictions....  Jack stands tall in fairy tales, Greek, Norse and some Roman mythology and fables, then the Germanic sagas... yep, but none of that stands for the current popular cultural view of a modern great man.... duh.One of the things about the myths of long ago was how imperfect they were - the heroes and the gods, how they handled things and often couldn't win even if they knew the outcome and what their enemies were going to do to them. And I did notice that sexuality was much more a Mediterranean myth subject than the Northern Europeans. Just my observation, I am sure it worked the same. Again, since I don't aspire to Robin Hood, King Arthur, Wyatt Earp or the Man with no name I would have to be content with my father and his, and they weren't perfect. Which makes my aspirations and ideals much easier to reach than trying to be David of Michelangelo's mastery... or even of the David of the Bible.

  Unreal expectations cause much of the unsettled issues in life, I want peace but some fool wants to make me do it their way. I want to be better, but they fear my becoming too powerful when I get my place in History, that wasn't defined by them.

  Americans are armed, they are always armed, and they are paying attention to what is happening around them without being nosy and interfering. Now that is MY expectation - but y'all aren't perfect, and I will allow you to not be armed, or always armed and still be an American, just realize I might live up to my expectations and be so. And the firearm, or weapon, isn't going to be used in any manner that I won't approve.


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  1. Well said, and 'I' for one, will be armed and ready to protect myself and my family as required. And agreed, you'd really think we could do better than the choices we have for 'leaders'... sigh

    Happy New Year to you and yours!!!