Thursday, December 4, 2014

I want to tell you about how it was in my end of the world event...

  The one that caught everyone sleeping, or seemed to... but I couldn't, the power was out. Facebook was dead, and you thought blogging was dead. Facebook doesn't work on wishes nor prayer. So, no one got my take on what was happening. Being at the center of my universe didn't mean that Watters was coming to put me into his World for Bill O'Reilly to make money from youth watchers. He knows that he is stuck with older and middler-aged men as his base audience. Add a few thinking women and that is the core. But the media frenzie was still trying to figure out the qualifications for the new ambassador to Hungary. If you spelt that as Hungery you are a product of the culture that thinks 'wanes down' is proper English.. I am so poorly educated I think marriage is between a man and a woman, or two or three or ... still between opposite sexes.

  So my wife welcomed me home, I had the wine, brandy and food stuffs she requested and she heated the  soup on the burner on the back porch. I was back from the civilized portion of Tacoma that still had electricity... and traffic lights and no Ferguson Protestors trying to look like deer in the headlights. Since the YMCA did such a fine job of wearing me down, or is that waning me down? I napped after the soup.

  I couldn't get the part needed at Home Depot, so I cannibalized another item with similar parts and repaired the broken and made the other look good. Function starts with looking good, right? The garage door doesn't open from the outside without power either... and the door bell... no one will miss me when we are gone. Since no one will see my missing posts on the internet over Facebook.  Think I should meet and have a final dinner with my cousin, hope the power is on at the steak house, tomorrow.

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  1. Power or no power, enjoy the day... :-) It's still a day above ground and productive!