Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Don't cross the streams... something very bad will happen...

"And speaking of guns.....I have no problem with private gun ownership as long as it's regulated. Guns have great killing potential. That being the case, I feel if you want a gun, you should first show that you are capable of hitting what you aim at, 2nd show that you know the basic rules of gun safety and 3rd pass recurring BG checks for criminal and mental health red flags that might appear. If you want to own guns, carry insurance against "accidents". Pretty simple." commentor from Facebook.

Ah, the shrill voice of sanity. Since I have met all his artificial requirements, and he hasn't - I get to carry a gun and he doesn't. In his reality. In mine, he may carry a firearm, a machine gun, a submachine gun, an anti-tank weapon, an explosive device, explosives, fuses and detonators, own a tank or a fighter aircraft with weapons, a submarine with torpedoes  - he may have anything he wants, because we refused the government to LORD it over us folks with good intentions.  

If you replaced gun with any of the other rights and then tried to regulate it like he did, no one would be happy.

Regulation and restrictions law enforcement oversight and periodic inspections have yet to stop traffic deaths - but they do keep trying. For some reason, unknown to people, what fails with transportation is going to be perfected with gun control? 

I had drifted somewhere in the universe where unions aren't an arm of the Democratic Party, the organized crime control of workers, and more stuff to slow the economy down.... and left a comment or two - and was immediately attacked like whatever I say had little merit. Now I understand why my brother gets attacked by my Facebook friends - he sound exactly like the ENEMY, as I do when I commented on his comment on that post... 

I am sure the fellow that designs his gun control hasn't implemented it for criminals already regulated from firearms that seem to find them everywhere. He also gives Hollywood and News anchors a pass on breaking laws about firearms all the time. But then I am also sure the person spouting nonsense was not a gun owner. I also am not a Democrat, Union member, and know more about the world than those I seem to have just crossed streams with....

A New Year's Resolution - quit playing with ugly, stupid and definitely harmful folks - they will hurt the world, with all their good intentions to cage me up where I can be fed, and photographed and made fun of.

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  1. Agree with your resolution Earl, and I'll do my damnest to do the same!