Friday, November 14, 2014

Ah, nothing happening here move along... move along...

  Went to the doctor appointment today, nothing wrong, change one medicine. The nurse taking blood pressure and blood was shocked at how high the low number was, but I explained we shouldn't be talking about I 594 passing... and then we had a discussion about her lack of range time, since her husband has been using it as a boy's club type thing. Will leave her a trifold next visit for her husband.

  The doctor got defensive about voting for I 594, said we had to have back ground checks. But then he is a board certified doctor, and loves regulations and folks looking over his shoulder. I don't blame him for his vote, that was the plan - lots of lack of transparency in almost all laws. The people buying law and policy are all sure we aren't paying attention and don't know what we are voting for. Yep, I think they are correct.

  An opportunity to take a new Instructor in Training (IIT) to Douglas Ridge Rifle Club in Oregon tomorrow. Leaving his home at five - best fuel up and print out a copy of the COI. I am torn between staying snug and warm in my home and under the covers or getting up and sounding the cry of LIBERTY! across the border and the river. And I could get some shooting in. Do I know how to have a good time?


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  1. Do what feels right Earl! And 'bad' discussions at the Docs DO tend to raise the BP...