Tuesday, December 16, 2014

First Christmas Party...

It was December,
right after your sister was born,
your Grandpa and Grandma Dungey
asked if they could take you
to the War Dads Christmas party,
(the only organization they ever belonged to
other than their church).
We said sure they could,
and we dressed you sunday school best,
and put your snow suit and cap
and mittens and let you go with them.
We looked at each other and Don said;
"I wish we could be little mice in the corner
and see how he did!" I agreed....
Time past, slow for us waiting for your return,
Finally we heard steps onto our front door,
          and here were Mom and Dad Dungey,
and you all exited, so much so,
you didn't want to have to
take your snow suit off and your cap,
but your grandma proceeded to take them off
while you, all full of what Santa brought you,
opened up your package and showed us,
a little plastic donkey
with a bobbing head.....
of course your grandparents had bought it
so you would have something to open like the other kids.
It was a happy time and a happy memory,
(though I cried remembering).
... the years have gone too swiftly...

from my Mom, a Christmas story from long ago, and the people that made me happy and full of wonder have all gone on to the LORD.