Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Kind of exciting watching the end of America, killed by stupidity... and kindness...

  I love to read books about America's end, not often is it because of outside influences, but godlike pretenders and their coven or clique or cult - depending on which persuasion they are.  It becomes really fascinating when comparison is made to the reality, or the contrast between what the author presents and the failure to account for irrationality of a free people. Most of the writing tries to see preparation as most crucial, and survival away from the government failures, and expect lots of sex and violence. Hemingway must have written the story - but there is only a normal amount of sex in real life, the violence is sudden and seldom expected, usually fatal and a story end. And no central figure will ever do it without the Centurion and legionnaire with the shovel and pick. Be it General Washington or Julius Caesar - they had to have lots of little people. Most authors can only work with so many characters.

  So I watch election news coverage - and not being a better on horse races, so I don't try to bet on the finish, why do news folks think they have a better idea than a straight count of the results? Why am I putting up with it? This is the same organizations that buy into global warming is a man made event, even knowing that the Earth has been hotter, with more carbon dioxide before than it has in any of the projections. They are smarter about politics... why?  If the projections work, the idea of tossing all the bums out make me wish the entire Senate was up for election. Oh, that isn't a flaw that is a design feature.

   It is 4:03 am, and I am up because of Congressional stupidity, Daylight that was never saved nor invested, sounds like the Social Security Trust funds - government IOUs? There is good that, God and I have quiet time to reflect and plan and pray.  The elk is waiting for me out there. Found an email asking for pray for a friend, and I don't have many. Found that some men, on Facebook, are planning on shooting on Saturday, with the intent of sharing rifles and ammunition - to thumb their noses at rich folks still pretending to own poor folks and fools.  I said it more like 'Rich people without understanding buying the votes of all the poor folks with without understanding.' I am going on an Appleseed this weekend, and taking a loaner rifle - which is exactly the kind of thing that I594 was supposed to instruct the Legislature to stop? Hmm, have to look up Initiative again - the legislature goes around them for tax increases.

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  1. Yep, last night was strange, and the coverage was all over the place... I'll be interested on your take on I594