Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Well. the death struggle of America continues...

     You know, the one that Jefferson, Adams, Washington and Franklin told us about, where the tree of Liberty would have to be watered with the blood of patriots. Madison worked hard to make it stick with a Constitution that limited Federal government. They did all know what would happen when Americans forgot God and started to worship power and money thinking that good government could replace the LORD. Generations and time march on things change, I would guess the speed of everything from communications, thought, commerce, community the idea that 'we know' what is true. Most common thought is beginning Marxism, and not the famous brother comedy team. Can't do much about it, there aren't enough thinkers and worshipers remaining in control points. Education is done, federal and state governments and both major political parties are corrupt or just tainted with stupidity. One hates to think that anyone is intelligent and sucking up to the evil in poor government bureaucracy. That shouldn't be possible, should it?

    It becomes tiring to stand independent, alone or almost a tiny minority. Although the best examples of real resistance are in the devote religious sects. It they aren't LDS, Amish, Jewish, Quaker they may not survive the attacks by the AFT, or Federal Government Goodness goofs. Or they may also get wiped out by drinking Kool Aid under the guns of cult. Or barbarian invasions and the laziness of forgetting who the original empire maker was and his struggle, and how they lived in the old days.

 Really, our passion for learning makes it seem that the forefathers, and the great leaders/heroesalways alone in their quest for independence, good government, farming and industry. And they never were alone. They always came from a family, had a faith, an idea, could follow, lead or die in a cause, or write their posterity about the struggle and encourage the continuing evolution of a nation. But it isn't the nation that is important as the community to which they wanted to belong. that followed were

    Commonly now it is the State and the Individual, and from the NFL to the NBA, and WWE they echo the hallowed halls of learning and government there is only how well one does, how much can you make money and how much you can be influenced to the cause... whatever the most important cause is now, not asking more than obedience to authority, rule by law not living in the spirit. There was much more art, poetry, song and dance in our lives but it gets run off for the universal beige and subtle colors of the DMV and waiting areas to pacifying the mindless masses. It wasn't the real drab of grey, black and faded blues of the Soviet Workers Paradise less. When art, song, and poetry became the line item on a budget far below the cost of defense, security and propaganda to maintain the dominance of the Law, the rules and the few that never had to concern themselves again - well what was best believed is over.

   To those that understand, I will see you on the range, in the library, at the social point places along the way. Cling to your Faith, families and gentle goodness and good notions and spreading love among those that will accept if they ever know what is best for others. And stay engaged in life and the struggle to be worthy of the gift. We all are worthy, just don't seem to know it.



  1. Engagement is critical. One doesn't need to be on TV or in the media to be engaged. Friends, family, maybe a little social media are enough to stake our positions, so that there is no question where we stand. We don't need to shout it from the rooftops, soft words in the right ears work just as well.

  2. I think they work better, but only because I refuse to change my mind for the ignorant ones on view through the media nuts.

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  4. Hi Earl, is that status by the North bridge?

  5. Supposed to say statue , I had autocorrect haha