Tuesday, March 5, 2019

I have been a member of the YMCA for a bit...

  Originally, I went to work out, jotted my times, weights and exercises down on scrap papers and was content. Did a lot more talking to old men and looking at people, But it was good. Then they introduced me to ActivTrax and I was able to add stuff and log in and see progress and the computer monitored and encouraged me to different exercises and improvements. There was a coach looking through another screen periodically to tweak my performance, ha, ha.
  It didn't do everything, and was clunky and getting behind the folks with handheld Digital Distraction Devices (personal links to Chinese Communists and American NSA and FBI). Don't believe me, ask Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Anyway, the users of such devices looked for an app to link the potential of the YMCA program to the modern folks that never look around, and found something with eGym , and I was encouraged to get the app, log on and work out. I would be modern enlightened and in the best shape ever. Well, maybe it wasn't going to be that great. Under the old system they posted a big hanging board and listed the top twenty members in five different categories, it was prideful to want to be one of the top five in every category, so they dropped that from the ActivTrax days. No one needs public humiliation to motivate performance, you just can't do that to this fool.
  Not being iSmart phone smart, I have an Android by Samsung, I was only using the Calculator and the new eGym app, but it didn't work well, consistantly nor was it helpful. So after three days of frustration I quit. I did send them a support request, but I am done. I can go to the YMCA with my small clip board leave my device on the desk at home and not worry about it. Never thought being part of a herd was a good thing, still don't.
   Liberty with the LORD, I don't need an app to be there and be square.   When you start to realize that the entertainment and news productions on our devices (TV, Cable and such) are improved when one takes out the advertisement showers that interrupt us constantly, it become clear that a steady stream of music for background and a good book will win our hearts and minds before the silly folks.
   See, I am happy again. Take care out there, God and I love y'all... not sure about the rest of 'em.

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  1. Yes, some of those 'apps' are less than apt, if you will... Go do what you want, and don't worry about the herd.