Saturday, March 16, 2019

Conversations with the sane of the other side...

  Talking to an elder man, he was alarmed that there were sheriffs that weren't honoring their oath of office, and I mentioned that they were, upholding and defending the Constitution of the US and the state. Both of which do not allow the government to deny arms to the people. 

   He said they can't do that, deciding which laws they will enforce, and I said 'Sanctuary Cities', where elected officials are doing exactly the same thing. He, of course, said it wasn't the same thing. He is a well educated man, reads over four books a week, retired you can do that. But he was thinking that the law should be applied and enforced as his side wanted it, because it would do whatever magic thing they were sure would be better.  And that is where the America of my early imagination died. They have to have guns to use against the others that don't believe the way they do, they have to have control of the only ones. The military, the police forces, the government agencies (remember that all the government agencies went on a arms buying spree for their own thugs and regulators).  Now, the man is a good man and enjoyable to talk with - but he didn't go to war working for the MAN, old Uncle Sam. So he and I have very different opinions about firearms and government.

  I am intelligent enough to know if there is a good idea it gets sold easily no force necessary, and if it is a bad idea it will have to be delivered with a promise of wonder and the threat of pain.

  So recently from New Zealand, the home of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, comes a terrible False Flag attack, brought to you by the mass murderer that wants his name remembered as a champion of Gun Control and Media Bias everywhere. And his terrified audience is going to do exactly what he wants, change our civilization to stifle our fears of a dark future. Instead of going down on our knees and praying and throwing our lives and love upon God's Grace and mercy -- we are going to think that giving the government power over the tools of destruction will keep us safe, or that all our stores of guns, ammunition, grenades and expert fighting skills will work as long as the government doesn't know what we have and where we are...  take your pick, all responses that don't rely on God over government will be fatal. But you are going to die anyway, aren't you? Wouldn't you rather it was at peace with your choices?

  I know where most of the human race is going, most of the human race isn't loving enough, humble enough and satisfied enough with the wonder of the world. I watched the response to 9/11, lots of heroic actions until the government and lawyers could get in charge and make a mess. I guess we constantly ground airplanes since we haven't learned to control gravity, but we do keep trying to fly.

   I think I will go to the range this afternoon, because of all the people in the mosques that were attacked, I would like to think I could be one the people that rushed to stop the shooter, praying to the LORD for His guidance and mercy.


  1. Good post Earl, and one wonders why the FIRST response took 17 minutes... Wondering...

    1. Thanks, Old NFO, I don't wonder at much any longer, all too predictable. The slow response is because that was New Zealand, and their crime and police force is not ready for terrorism of any kind. Only one good guy with a gun in one, only two rushing the attacker. We should remember that three responses to attack: Flight, fight or freeze. Maybe a fourth, Freakout!!!

    2. Point. I'll go out over the empty gun in my hand, not on my knees.

  2. Sheriffs are elected by the people and should represent the people whom elected him or her. I have zero problems with Sheriffs setting up 2nd amendment sanctuaries in the places that they serve. It is a ridiculous notion that they have to do so in the first place. Great post and am glad I found your blog.