Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Better speak up and move on to discuss and confront the fears of others...

  I have some medical adventures in my near future and they are troublesome but not anything for me to fear.  I don't fear a lot, maybe that no one will love me, but lonely could be my normal, Solo man.

   But I noticed as I failed to replace my shield on my game city and I was attacked and looted by the enemy thirteen times - totally taking my supplies, killing all but a million of my troops, and those are all wounded and will cost time, gold and supplies to heal. So I almost quit, but I have half a year to go to finish my improved city, so I don't and with help from my allies and frugal play, I start to recover and rebuild. The biggest problem is the almost total loss of a million t5 fighters. They cost a lot in maintenance but are deadly when used at the proper time. Only a game so it doesn't matter much, does it.

   In the bigger picture, the end of America, in whatever it means to everyone everywhere, is very close. First the Media and the politicians spread fears to move the people away from taking care of themselves and the nation. That was once the standard, sung about in myths and legends of our pioneers and forefathers. A truth unwritten was of families and communities, united to battle nature and monsters all under a God by all names. Now, I don't need to name the forces against that image, but you know it isn't your grandfather's America any longer. The country is made up of folks that still work, worship and worry - that has always been a foundation, but this blanket of tales, fables, lies and promises props up the idea that the government can fix everything. Government seems to have replaced God and your own strength of love. And government doesn't believe in God nor love, since they can't be bought, stored and sold.

   But the media does, like the devil, worm and worry into the depths of minds locked into its visual message. Sex, alcohol, smoking, driving fast, looking cool, cruel jokes and pranks, promotion of struggle and domination of others to fulfill your desires... all in beauty and living color.

  It is time to say what we think, should think and to wish others the peace beyond understanding.

  If the fearful convince others that another law will stop the evil, then they don't understand that no laws have ever won, only the spirit can win - the holy spirit. I don't want a law against stupidity, for it would not make anyone love others more than self.  We can be anything we want to be, we should be kind and gentle. Go with the LORD, not with the LOUD.

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