Thursday, November 1, 2012

How much courage do you need to do the hard stuff...

The amount of my failure keeps adding up, and although I thought my cough/cold was over - I seem to have a relapse. So in self examination and disgust I know I should be better and address my problems. It would seem the smart, intelligent, logical and healthful thing to do. But I guess I am sitting in the rut of comfort and entertaining distractions and can't find any real reason to change course - those rocks I am about to run onto are so far away and in an uncertain future.

I like to wonder at how our political leadership and our public servants continue to do all the stupid wrong things and sink the nation deeper into a future (so far away and uncertain) collapse, then I raise my head and look into the mirror and know the answer. They are all optimists, full of hope sure of success and not scared nor afraid of failure - since it never happened before. No History majors? I didn't have to get beaten too many times when I fought to know I needed more caution and control. As a soldier I studied deeply past battles and campaigns - what worked and where. That is so important, even those tales told over a few drinks had some points to ponder.

The Super Sandy Storm (yes, I have changed the word order) has highlighted so many weaknesses in our cultural system, our government responses but most of all in the readiness of the citizen to overcome the immediate. Too many news worthy pictures of sobbing and wailing, wanting someone to share or bear the pain of helplessness. I am smarter than the news people, because I know there are millions of people cleaning up, checking on the neighbors, cleaning up, repairing, moving the injured to professional help. It will all come back, maybe the news needs to spread the reality to those not affected, and the electricity needs to be off so people will actually look each other in the eye and talk - not text.

Money,  there is the chain which really does hold us back, as a nation and as individuals. Banks and money are important - but they support ability to grow and have commerce to store energy. Or if you can't control them, they control you. Probably more important than the type of government, is the currency of transfer and who controls it. I don't worry about the BILLIONS of dollars used to buy my vote, not that they would send me a check just suggestions and fears to fuel my foolish and folly. But I do worry that as soon as they can they want you to owe them, for your car, your education, your home -- they make more money from your borrowing than you will gain from having borrowed. Although in business, it is possible for a loan to support creating wealth - yes, money is not wealth, just a measurement of wealth. You have to be aware, have the courage to delay a purchase, to deny a buy, to encourage our followers to save and invest before worrying about hip style. Good luck with that there is a media frenzy to sell you more than your wildest dreams.

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