Friday, November 23, 2012

Day after, rebuilding...

Too much to be thankful for, contact with loved ones far away, and re-thinking what is truly important. I spent too much time looking at video from the Desert Storm/Shield days. Both sides of the world, back at Bragg and out in the sands of Saudi and rocks of Iraq. I have actual footage of our first invasion of the state of Iraq.

We were so much younger then. Notice the watch on my left arm, the compass on my right? Learned that from Panama jungles, works in the sands of Saudi, too. Same pocket folder I carry now, older model Leatherman multi-tool, on my belt that you can't see. There is a loaded M16A2 out of the picture close to hand along with the webgear and helmet. I take no joy in talking to a camera, it never looked like my wife.

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  1. You did what worked Earl, and THAT is what counted (along with leading by example)!