Saturday, November 24, 2012

And what do you do when all the world is shopping?

I went off to shoot this morning, at Range 15 of Joint Base Lewis McChord, only forty-eight rounds, the last twenty four aren't covered up, the earlier ones are and most of the earlier ones were under the bull, somewhere. Met some nice people, talked a lot about Russian ammunition, then as I walked the line there were a more than a few of the Soviet Union's contribution to the war on global gun controllers.

I did my normal heroic Earl firing a rifle poses, and I did video of my performance to review later. Mostly, I was just having fun, posting targets and walking the range, the rains had blown away for a bit.
Just enough that after a lunch with my wife, I went out to cut the front yard for the first time in a bunch. If the Sun were out more the grass would have been higher.

Men's Bible Study at Rudy's home tonight, I will keep out of politics, economics and jokes. I should be just right in prayer and comment on the lessons. Y'all be the best.

Should have shown a before and after picture of the back of the target stand. You would be , impressed, or not. Fifty yards first eight, all others at 100 yards, prone.

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