Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I have given up 'HOPE', don't need it now...

Saturday, I woke too early after too little sleep, dressed and drove off to Oregon. Thinking I needed one of those early graffiti 'Oregon or bust' on the side of the Caravan. It once took so long, long ago and far away. Three rest stops and coffee refills later I pulled in and said hello to the crew prepping for the start of the Appleseed. That fine volunteer effort to teach marksmanship and our Heritage. I knew everyone, although I mistook Ben for Ambulance Driver, memory and eyesight being so old and worn. Douglas Ridge Rifle Club provided the range and two fine Range Safety Officers, with long NRA and shooting experience.

It was a full day, the shooters did improve and enjoy the training. I left after the last rounds down range, I was weak but happy and had a long way to go, at least three more rest stops and coffee and a burger on the trip. Darkness surrounded Saturday and I never saw my home except in the headlights that day. One of the funny things was being asked by one of the RSOs what were we smoking up there in Washington, since we passed the marijuana legalization. I knew the results and I had cast my ballot, but hadn't run into the thoughts of how that would look to people of sense outside our state. I told them that when we had busted up the State monopoly on alcohol sales the Liquor Control Board disappeared so they remade themselves as the Marijuana Control Board, that is my take on what was going on.

I went to sleep quickly and deeply, because I was in very tired mode, woke prepared for the Lord and His worship, it was the real Veterans and Remembrance Day and I shared thoughts and prayers about that. At Sunday school I was able to relate my Appleseed experiences to the other men, as we discussed the Lord's work to be done, how to know we are still able and how to tell the story. I like being able to tie the two together. There weren't any firearm fearful at the table, but there weren't any exhorters or preachers for the bringing shooting to the masses. So many to hear the word and believe, but one has to go out and find them where they wander. Too easy to see the relationship, isn't it?

Part of the discussion was about the election results - and our teacher led off with submission to authority, for it is God's will. He didn't like my response, but I did have to finally agree that everything finally resides there and we don't know why He is working that way. Like taking a shot, in the cold, gray and wet - what God has given is the challenge what I have to deliver is my best effort - what doesn't kill me will make me stronger. We discussed the fool General BetrayUS, dishonoring his God, his family, his honor, West Point and all that Loved him and his slut, a name she won't be called (I figure she was just looking for a speaking circuit and a second book - the real steamy slimy "Swapping of body fluids with my boy toy GI Joe General"). The ladies on The View had their take on it, the news corps had their presentation and I will leave you to your own. The fool general knows there were thousands of finer soldiers and warriors in our Army, and he also knows God, all those that truly love him, and the country will forgive him - if he confesses and makes his life right. Even the slut will be saved, as soon as she wakes up to her sins and repents. Just thinking to myself that this world is very like an old fighters gym, a lot of stinking old sweaty clothes, sweat and worn leather and more boring training until the opportunity to fight at the peak of our condition, lots of bruises and beatings and sharing the old tales.

I have given up 'Hope' and will run on Faith, for I know the Truth and it sets me Free. Go with God.


  1. Thanks for stepping up once again Earl!

  2. You are a man we much admire. Thank you for sharing all of this.

    Hope to see you at one of our little get togethers this year. You're always welcome here if Frank has a full house.

    1. Thank you for the invite, I feel shy and won't impose. Remembering if I get there I will say so and be willing to eat and talk. I hope you continue to watch over those at your corner of our world, give them all my best.

  3. I just get tired of men who have affairs and the women who join them. Both have no real backbones in my book. Don't let me catch any of you hiking the Appalachian Trail without your wife. (The last was a joke, if you didn't catch it.)