Thursday, November 15, 2012

ZimbabweZombie Project...

I don't believe there is a great conspiracy out there trying to destroy an America that was too big and too proud. I think that there are lots of little conspiracies of little people that don't know what the consequences will be for their petty efforts. They don't study History and have been on a really stupid economic model. It all comes from thinking government can provide everything - never has been true, and the other idea that because someone is in charge they must be followed and must be right.

When Africa was gaining independence, various countries from the end of World War II, there were problems. Seems the black Africans were still very tribal, the Communists provided education and weapons, European nations and business wanted to continue to exploit the riches of the Continent for their profits. the white Africans wanted to continue to build their business, farms, or efforts to self govern. And the Internation Monetary Fund and World Bank wanted to help (always for their own profits and power).  The goodness of the civilized West decided the how when and why independence would be gained and would work, most of them were living in Europe or English speaking America... and they were trying to correct the impression of the miserable exploitation of black Africa by Europe.

I like looking at the various African nations, they haven't done as well on their own as they could have remaining a strong link with Europe - but they lived their history and their anger is often strong. It only matters to the people of Africa, how they treat me - I don't have enough time left to visit and see their wonders, and there are many. There are also dangers and dirt and bugs, which don't get experienced on video feed. Such a clean pretty picture.

Well, if one does no more than listen to Oprah's experience with her school, the Rwanda genocide, and the driving the whites out of Zimbabwe (which seems to be a popular model to destroy the Republic of South Africa) one can see the framework of the destruction of the good old United States of America. Everyone divided against each other, to exploit others, to take what you want for free, to behave badly and cause it is fun, exciting and you don't look far enough into the future. What awaits is authoritarian rule (with harmless voting) to control the population as it gets regulated (strangled) and ruled unmercifully (read raped and robbed). or the zombies are going to run free killing and eating brains because there isn't a strong independent minded population - willing to sacrifice for the common good and the future. I am sure that the zombies won't eat well, most of the population has shown a decided lack of brains, sigh.

There are millions of great Americans in the world, but they never want to be in charge of more than they can control. The others are the ones to watch closely - they cannot be trusted. Don't worry about taking notes, if the best win they will be busy building a better future, if the worst win - if they remember how to write they will tell the story to their own glory. Oh, you notice that it is happening even now? Yep.

Oh, I know that there are millions of good brains out there for the zombies - just they are too well mannered and now even politically correct to whack a mole or behead a zombie in anything except a video game.


  1. I am sure that the zombies won't eat well, most of the population has shown a decided lack of brains, sigh....snork....laughed out loud at that one.

  2. There are some brains out there that would probably seem quite desirable to a zombie, since they've obviously never been used.