Saturday, November 17, 2012

You will pay the price, because it is fair...

I know that there are people that are sure the government is correct, that government officials won't lie or bear false witness, or be foresworn. Really, I know you are out there. I also know there are many of the opposite take. I will remain knowing there is a little truth in most thoughts.

I had a fine opportunity to get off the cable news feed yesterday and see 'Lincoln' by Spielberg and I really thought it came through very well. I was very impressed with all the actors, the photography and the writing and direction. I recommend you all go to see it, especially you Democrats, Republicans and those that still trust government to fix your problems. A real political eye opener.

I spent most of the evening reading The Wolf by Richard Guilliatt and Peter Hohnen, and aside from the best of real steam punk World War I naval action (and it was pretty good), the comments about the British Admiralty denial of truth for their best guess that wouldn't cause public alarm. Secrets and censorship and suffering because of lack of trust in the citizens and their good sense. Now I assure you that the other governments were engaged in suppression of their own citizens for the same different reasons. It didn't save the Tsar, the Kaiser or the King of England, empire breaking was the result.

There is mounting evidence the pace of disruption of the force is increasing, more regulation, more threats to improve our lives through more laws, drugs, sex and rock'n roll. You may disregard any threats from me, I own none of y'all and don't think I could possibly feed and cloth you. I also deny my ability to think for you, make you holy, whole or sane. You are going to have to be what the good Lord gave you and all that you have made of yourself. Take care out there, God loves you more than you realize, or you do know and are content to work on His Kingdom.

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  1. Thanks for the review, will try to see Lincoln tomorrow!