Friday, November 9, 2012

Words do have meanings. Or they don't work...

In a genderless marriage, the proper terms are parent and spouse. No more father and mother nor husband and wife. And I don't want to KNOW what sexual satisfaction looks like, ever. Of course, I think words have meanings no matter your twist.

But it is true, there are as many people with 100 or less IQ in the world as there are those with 100 or more IQ. None of that measurement mean anything as far as good sense, future conduct, ethical or moral behavior or even sanity.

There are now laws that say that marriage isn't only between a man and a woman. So you can be a dog and marrying a human, or even a tree. Did they change the meaning of marriage? No. Just more politically correct twisting of words to make everyone feel better. Feeling better while doing stupid doesn't make it any smarter. I am sure dogs will always love humans, but will still respond to scent and hormones much more honestly than humans seem to... Does the brain's capacity to imagine a better impossible become the greatest flaw in the species? Remembering that a high school diploma awarded to those that haven't learned anything in school (for whatever reason) will not a fine person make. False values can't be trusted and changing standards won't stop gravity, time nor the truth. Oh, there have been billions of fine people in the world that never got a high school diploma or attended college, so sometimes the diploma isn't as worthy as really knowing the person, but then the hiring folks have to base job choices on something.

I like the idea that a racial label is only an observation to identify a characteristic of the skin color - George Obama calling Barack Obama 'white' was not about skin color, just that Barack is not black nor Kenyan. I am rich, but it isn't because I have piles of plunder hidden in Swiss Bank accounts. I am rich in all that the government can't tax and can never take away. I am sure that when the PC folks decide that those of the down trodden want to feel better they will be uplifted, by decree - or executive order. The most transparent administration in History doesn't spin anything, they just lie boldly and if they said it, it is the truth. No it isn't but that was part of the point of this blog, wasn't it?

Kevin mentioned it and re-posted Kipling's fine poem. Gods of the copybook. Do read it, he really knew.

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