Sunday, November 18, 2012

Preaching to the choir... almost...

Make bacon and eggs with toast and coffee for breakfast with my late sleeping wife, and we talked about what to do after she retires. She has no experience with having nothing to do all day, and needs to make sure she doesn't end up like me. She has many ideas and some of them are interesting to me, but attitude needs always to be positive to hear well. Today we talked about gyms to visit or use. Talk is cheap, my only complaint of worth about the YMCA was that we paid for more than we used. Which was our fault, not the Y's. We determine that we will explore the options and pick one in December. The sounds of love at work, adjusting to change.

Off to church and combined service, packed house is always a good sign. It was combined so we could be special for Thanksgiving. The Pastor had a fine sermon and told a little story about his son and his school, then another one about homeless fellow met in Portland. All the stories were geared to the Thanksgiving theme and worked well. Attitude being the first thing, I really enjoyed the service, since I had come to worship and not to be entertained, amused nor patted on my back. There was a dinner after, with all the trimmings. So we ate and talked, and I got amused and started teaching. One man thought that the stock market was gambling, so I had to explain why stocks are good and derivatives are bad, and salesmen aren't to be trusted. Personal examples of investors were sitting at the table, and they testified.

Then our Sunday school teacher showed up and asked my opinion of a Walther 9mm, postwar manfacture and a price from Cabela's. So I asked a lot of questions, gave my opinions and talked him out of the temptation. But the conversation was a keeper, and he made sure I knew he wanted to go shooting with me at the East Gate range (which is Range 15 where I normally shoot). After we were done the Pastor came up and said hello, which surprised one of the men - that he knew our names. But I assured him a Korean pastor knows everyone's names, and if he wasn't looking at us he might have to be told which Korean lady we were married to, or our first male child's name. Anyway, it was my chance to tell the Pastor I enjoyed his story about his son and their relationship. He missed the relationship thing, and thought I was speaking about the broken English, and I told him that was a bad term the proper term is Korean English. Then I told him we had been talking about shooting and when his son was old enough I would be happy to teach him gun safety and marksmanship. That got a bit of wide-eyed panic in his eyes, seeing he is sure that Christians don't shoot, or that Guns are tools of the Devil. He didn't say so, but my wife was sure it was in that direction. Still gun talk at church, the promise of a shooting date, influencing the future economic activity of church members and worship of the Lord and celebrating Thanksgiving - which for believers is a daily activity.  Time for a nap?

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  1. Considering K.C.'s talents and interest in people, I doubt that she will be bored nor have enough to do when she retires. She may find that she still has too much to do and no time to do it. That's my opinion anyhow.