Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Well, I have been missing but am fine, thanks for asking...

  Didn't get my morning coffee for two days in a row, tripped on the rowing machine yesterday and today tripped on the top of the stairs at the YMCA sending my backpack and handhelds onto the rug as I attempted to look graceful in the falling to gravity and not hurting myself or the observers that didn't laugh but were concerned... I am fine, just acting in strict compliance with the laws of gravity and motion.

   Since it is the first of December the last month of 2015 only so many days to finish the year off correctly.  By being in love with the LORD and all of creation, of course.

   I have a new bicycle challenge that looks like last Decembers, but isn't. Twenty rides of a total of 125 miles, the least is six rides for 25 called the Mini Yeti, the next is that plus eight more for a total of seventy-five called the YETI, and six more for the Grand YETI and a 125 miles in all, now isn't that special for December to remember? In November they just wanted fifty and I did a hundred and fifty one, the 101 extra were just cause I am old and fat and remember the 101st Airmobile... or because I did not care to count. I knocked out the first three this morning, because they were bite size and didn't even add to ten miles - more like 9.85 virtuous miles of sweating. My newest buddy came over to wonder what was going on, he had started me talking about Appleseed and shooting accuracy because of my t-shirt and I left him the contact material to Google and find his way to an event one day.  We talked scopes, ballistics and the effect of Earth on the shot...

    I showered and came home with a stop for accounting of my accounts, so I know what little I have to spend wildly.  My wife is out and about, I removed my teeth and put my gun belt on, and thought I should mention it on Facebook, got to have something for the government to trip over, since they know it all so well.  In their obsession with finding out everything about every one - I laugh, because my parents never knew what was next, my friends and girlfriends were often surprised and strangers hardly ever had a clue... and I was only trying to be the best me possible, and only shocked by how difficult it is to be that person, especially as you are still a work in progress.  If I were really as worried about terrorists as the media and government want me to be, I would have put my teeth in when I woke, checked the functioning and load of my pistol and then put it on, with a smile prepared to face what may the day.

   Saw a movie 'Best Offer' on NetFlix last evening, I do think I will have to see it one more time and stay awake because I must have missed something somewhere. Still, movies are all part of the illusion of what is normal, aren't they?


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