Monday, December 21, 2015

So what are we, or y'all afeared of?

  I am hearing that it is the terrorists, but there aren't that many of them, most of them die in suicide attacks and they don't really reproduce.  I am not afraid of them, although I am sure one should be prepared and aware of everyone and everything around while awake. A friend mentioned that he was going to start carrying concealed because he thought it was all coming apart. I am not afraid of the economy, although I haven't had work since five years and ten months ago, I am sure the economy has been artificially weakened by banking and government policies I am not afraid of that nor them.

   When one of the non-politicians found that he could stir up interest and the crowds by playing to their fool fears, he did so. The press ate that up, since they could tell Americans were angry about many things, but what most people are angry about is the terrible mess the government makes of their world, all for the benefit of hidden puppet masters or some concealed cause.  No one knows why they do it, but the serving politicians can't all be stupid, incompetent and traitorous... could they? Once they go to Washington, DC they completely have a brain reboot with some strange software.  Or something.

  The fear of the bad government has been floating much long than any other fear, and as the government got bigger and more intrusive, the greater the little guy's fear grew - of the government.  Kind of like taking a wolf cub home and raising it, and as it got bigger and badder it was like seeing a fine animal become the center of your focus because it was too big to ignore and decidedly dangerous if denied any of its desires.  In the end, what you and I want, is up to you and I, not the businesses that want our money, not the government that wants our attention and money and time, not anything but what we need and want and what we love and want to provide for others.  Don't need leaders to make me contribute just a cause worth my efforts.  Most folks not living in fear are like that... looking to make our world better.  Seems others are constantly fooling with good enough to get some elusive perfection... which will immediately not be a high enough goal when met.

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