Friday, December 4, 2015

Crazy murderers... call them what they are: demon possessed fools...

  And don't forget to kill them and pray over the empty corpse...

 They will never be terrorists if... the media wasn't covering their criminal and evil actions hoping to get more fools watching to be energized to buy the sponsors' products. I know we should have access to news, but it keeps getting mixed up with comedy, entertainment and some of us aren't smart enough to know the difference.

  Be it the Weather Underground from Papa's day, long ago, or the IRA from great great grandfathers day, they don't have to give you their reason, they just have to die for their beliefs. It is the way war is waged. 

   And it is a war, but you have to know what side you are on, you don't have to know anything about their side when they start killing, they have taken the side of evil and they must die.  You can ask forgiveness of your God later.  Now, remember until they attack they are hidden among the rest of the population, and remember that 911 is your line to help some day. You need to know survival skills and help your brothers in their pain and suffering and against further attacks. Be armed, be prepared to be the real first responder (learn first aid, weapons and manners).  And for those that think others mean some racial characteristic or accent, stay home until you can find love in all the people, the evil ones will do you harm in all ways - crime, exploitation and just ugly.

   And quit watching television, except to laugh and sports, cause the news is always slanted for sponsors.

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  1. That it is... And it's time to stay up on your SA... Condition orange for sure.