Sunday, December 6, 2015

Started my worship time on Saturday...

  by going to see a performance by wonderful people of Handel's Messiah. The three soloists, Soprano, Tenor and Alto were wonderful truly, the musicians great and the choir awesome. Then after some whiskey and space combat reading or was it video of All Quiet on The Western Front, a solid nights sleep... I was prepared for Church and my challenging Sunday School class of self centered children... and it went great because I let them play like children and gave the lesson to any paying attention... then sent them off for food and the rest of their day. When I closed the classroom and turned off the lights I noticed two of the young girls that hadn't come to class talking with one that had, so I went over to find that the loud noisy children had scared off the other two, so since they wanted to hear me teach the lesson, I gave all three of them the lesson again, worked.  And I told them that we would be doing snowflakes next Sunday School, bring their talents.
   Then I went to the Fellowship Hall to watch everyone eating seaweed soup and rice. While there I noticed Caleb sitting beside another boy and went over and asked if I could sit down, which was proper, and confusing to them - since adults don't ask children permission in their culture, they are accustomed to giving it all up to the elder person. So I was introduced to Timothy, and talked with him and Caleb. Caleb having met my harmless conversation many times had questions in response to my questions, and I had questions and found they had a good grounding in the Sunday School topic for the day and that I played different sports than they, that Caleb wasn't at the enjoying reading level yet, but he could do it.... Caleb's brother is Nathan, and Timothy's brother is Isaac, and I was introduced to them later in the evening meal period as I departed after with my wife. I also met Erin, who didn't know that name was Irish but wonderful for a girl, which she did know. She will be drop dead beautiful in about ten years. Think I will wear my Chinese field jacket with all my 'I been there patches' next time. 
   Since so much of the church was hanging around to finish some work with the Deacons, budget and future, as well as the youth training - I talked with some of the other Korean American men about whatever and had a good time.  One in particular had been a reserve officer, RIF'd at about thirteen years of active service, had been with the Special Forces and Operations, mostly in Korea where his language set was great and then also in the Pacific Rim. He was waiting on his youngest daughter, 15, and I noticed when she came she waited very patiently for him to finish his conversation with me, and he had been waiting for me to finish before he would pay attention to her.  As soon as I noted her waiting, I waved him off and told him I had enjoyed the conversation, I gave him one of my business cards so he would worry about me in the future, or if he needed my few sad skills.  He did ask about the Shoot Boss label. I explained it as I would be in charge of the whole shoot, and he kind of understood.
   Great day to finish off with a fine Football game as the Pittsburgh Steelers looked fine, and if I could have made that run and had a celebratory assault of the goal post padding - I wouldn't worry about the fifteen yard penalty, I would have paid cash. 

    Then I had to find out what the President was saying since I had napped through that disturbance in the SNF game,  my wife noticed my nodding off and had gone off the game, and I caught it all on the computer - he started off so well, then he decided the Assault Rifles were the problem with other people control problems that he was going to fix, and our first step to becoming a police state for our own safety has been announced and he wants Congress to agree.  I am going to the whiskey bottle, since it is dark outside, the rain is falling and I can't fix stupid.

   I think refugees need our protection, I think immigration and visits to the US should be easier and controlled, and I think beyond a basic protection and assistance everything else should be earned.  No, I don't have a plan, but then I am not trying to stay in power, to protect the wealthy and powerful from the multitude of the much poorer and more numerous normal folks just getting by.... when the middle class feels itself abused, exploited and under threat - it will revolt. But no one studies history and denying what is going on, will be just as effective as saying Barack Obama was born in Kenya, or British East Africa which became Kenya. After the Mau Mau got good at killing.

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