Thursday, December 3, 2015

Been dreaming lately? or Have you been dreaming lately?

  Well, sleep is a constant, but remembering the dreams isn't.

  So I am doing a library dream, working in a downtown city library, and having a wonderful time.
You would have to work in a library to know the feeling.  Still there are problems, or challenges with staff sharing time off and other things like caste and qualifications and what are you producing for the team... like any organization.

   So I come up with an idea, a sharing idea, of how not to hog Monday off from one of my co-workers and she comes up with the idea that as a demonstration of good skills and faith (not religious but as a loyalty to the profession) a skilled library staffer can do in an instant.  For me the task is to get a list of materials for the logical counter to the Pro 2nd Amendment materials.  I would have done well at that, but it was disturbing enough in its intent to take my dream into a nightmare and I woke up.

  Once awake, my mind then went to how to have been much more deadly, and effective in the California shooting yesterday.  But that goes with my prior profession, and the fact I had already done the thinking on the false flag story, being only another effort of the militant anti-gun goofs. None of those ideas nor stories is worth losing sound sleep over.  I am going back to bed and allowing the professionals to  accomplish the task of making America safer.  The only perception my wife had for America, is the same one I have - you have to quit treating others as second or lesser class of citizens.  We are in this country together, and the world has as many particular views of our values and stupid as the media has been able to present on screen.  And it is very difficult to know that Star Wars isn't trying to proclaim only the white Europeans get to claim the galaxy. Could be a problem fixed in the next three movies?


  1. We ARE in this together, and together we need to fix it... NOT split along party lines or any other damn lines... sigh

    1. There are more people that believe we are all Americans, than not - but they don't have a plan for making everyone else whatever they should be... because all Americans don't fit in a box and are difficult to control. Ask Lord North.

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