Saturday, December 12, 2015

Just dreaming, always dreaming....

  Great dream, kind of, last night. I and a bunch of motorcyclists moved a couple bunches of motorcycles from departed riders to another parking lot... I don't have a bunch of motorcycle riding friends, although the motorcycles are out on the road in appropriate weather. Strange enough dream to wake me up to pay attention. I realized that we had started out and ridden over the ridges just like my last ride from home, Darlington Road, Ligonier, Pennsylvania to my parents' new home in Morgantown, West by God Virginia... the place that would be forever after their home. I made that ride just having returned from Germany on my way to Vietnam, 1970. Tons of stuff on my mind on that ride, first don't get lost.
   Which ride got me to thinking about that long ride from my home in 1966 to the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. Tons of stuff on my mind. I didn't make the most of that semester, no discipline  - since I am such a sad kind of fool - it wasn't drinking, drugs, dames nor rock'n roll that got in the way of my scholarly success... nope, BOOKS.  I read everything, all my normal pulp fictions and many classics and thought provoking.  I could stay up all night reading, yeah, what a lovely wasted college life. My performance was such I was put on probation, and I decided I really needed to go to the service.  Which gave me a whole nother chance to ride that motorcycle (a restored 1948 H-D flathead with the suicide clutch and four speeds forward on the tank) home. Which because of one major accident, which fractured my shoulder blade, kept me from getting in the Army when I was going to be.
   I don't put too much thought into what dreams mean, although my wife the country girl has all kinds of women's wisdom about them and what they could mean. They still have pregnancy dreams in Korea, and don't get her started, I seldom share with her. The Tacoma First Baptist Church put out the invitations to serve as a deacon, and not only my wife got one, she has been serving in that for a few years - not unexpected but they gave me one and told me to prayerfully consider.  Too out of line, not up to standards and the only church title I ever aspired to, in my mind, was Elder.  And remember what I said about discipline above, one wonders how the Methodists managed to loose me upon the world without John and Charles Wesley's core values.
  Ah, well, time to get up and get to doing... luckily no children nor little animals to care for here and we have our health, if I remember to take my medications this morning. I was too busy yesterday they just got shoved to the side.  I finished my day in the dark watching 1612, and drinking some warm milk.  Why is everyone looking so old on the screen, all the famous folks?  All my high school, college and first military year folks have the same exact youthful tomfoolery.


  1. Your subconscious was telling you something... :-) No idea what...

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