Thursday, December 10, 2015

It is a matter of survival... don't get in my way...

Don't cross the streams... from Ghost Busters.

  Amendment II  A well regulated Militia being necessary as the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

  I would guess when we dress for church services we may bring a smart phone, but not the pistol.  But they are going to attack us where we are most vulnerable  - who is they? anyone that is going to attack us. I don't need to know anything more than someone is going to try and destroy what I love, and whom I love. That is all, the secular sillies and progressive posers may make all the worries about what causes them to want to kill others, I don't. I just have to kill them first as fast as they come.  For the free State to be secure the attackers need to understand they are going to die without mercy and will not win and bring down the free State - for I am the well regulated Militia of my nation.  It isn't my fault that the political leaders demanding power have abandoned the most cost effective and most interested part of the population by hiring professionals to protect them and their cronies.  I will look out for the little people, as best I can, and I am sure there are others, too.  For sure even Bill O'REILLY is hoping professionals can protect him, since he thinks the law trumps survival.

   There is increasing call for the citizens to carry when they can, the police and military can't be everywhere, but everywhere the citizens are in not a gun free zone - we are Americans, we are going to do what we are going to do.  Hoping that the law, the judge and jury, and most of all the LORD, see it as something they can agree with and forgive us for.


  1. Excellent, Earl! And I laughed out loud at the Ghostbusters quote.

  2. Our Church, and our pastor, because of our support for Israel, puts up with threats all the time. We have volunteer security, mostly retired or current LEO, all over the place.

    And there are a whole lot of un-tucked shirts and fanny packs in the audience. I'm hardly the only one.

    There is no prohibition against it, so I am armed there as I am nearly everywhere else.

    If there was, I would not change a thing. I know what my intent is. And I'm not doing it out of arrogance or an intent to offend or assert any right.

    I do it in case the Temple needs cleaning out. I'm no good with a whip, and don't run to well anymore.