Friday, December 18, 2015

Only a week to Christmas, and I am seriously watching The Alamo

  Strange, we have received Christmas Cards and gifts in the mail, but I am watching The Alamo, to get a glimpse of the turmoil of the coming collapse and conflict between the old way and a newer better way of living.

   To me, only the disappearance of the normal talking heads on the networks has any holiday meaning, and they could be unbelievers just visiting Hawaii to get some well earned rest.  I am sure that the message of love of one's neighbors has slipped in the excitement of the violation of the Bill of Rights and the rest of the Constitution, although like the Koran and the Bible the current reader sees things the last reader never noticed nor learned. And we will always pretend the folks higher than Us'ns know better than we lower than dirt types about what is to be gleaned from the fertile fields of thought.

  We can't run the USA like Houston ran Texas, but then maybe there are too many better qualified now and the clutter doesn't clear without conflict.

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  1. Time is getting pretty short, and more people feel it than know it or are willing to talk about it. When you can buy food buckets, mylar bags, Hard red wheat, shelf stable food in #10 cans, and MRE's at Winco in South Hill, something is definitely percolating.