Sunday, August 23, 2015

Leader of the FreeWorld... or just another pretty face...

   The pastor was preaching with passion today, got so many of us fired up - I even told the Sunday school fellow I would follow his lead on Sunday school next week.

   It is good to get stirred up, for good things. My wife was working on food for the fellowship all day so I didn't see much of her in church, but we found each other periodically. Old folks don't do much bad, like to think they are so slow that all their energy is for good, would work for me. When I get to the point I realize how old I am, someday.

   That passion the preacher had was way better than most of the politicians and others running for major office, more like the passion of the parades of folks against Planned Parenthood. They seem to be out in force, would be nice to see some leadership, but I notice that it isn't at the top of the list of things wrong with America that we can fix, that most of us aren't supporting so why is the government doing it? Should be the question about all of those troubling things that just aren't right.

   I have decided that running as the write-in Candidate for President is where I stand - not asking for money, power nor sponsorship - won't owe anyone of y'all anything except to try and do my best to work on things that really need fixed. Government debt, value of the dollar, investing part of the Social Security Trust fund in the broad stock market (as soon as you say that, people start figuring ways to steal from that idea for themselves or to use the power of shares of stock to change the world). Eliminating large government groups of goofs, and just hire some experts for particular jobs.

  I am sure I won't win the election, since it has always been rigged for certain groups at different times. But then to tell the truth, if I were needing to follow a human in office for my best efforts - I would not have a relationship with the LORD, and that would be a very sad day for me and thee. None of us need the government, we designed it because we wanted to be left alone to do our best, and while we were sleeping all kinds of fools and folly took over those good intentions by the founding fathers.  History says we will always go wrong, just the way humans are.

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  1. Too bad you don't have a larger following Earl, it would be refreshing to get an honest Christian in the oval office... sigh