Friday, August 28, 2015

I am wearing two brand new knives today... I am only fifty pounds and a couple IQ points from awesome...

  My two knives showed up, nice enough for my work, will have to sharpen them a bit. For being a major German knife maker they were produced in China, sigh. Well, I have kept them from keeping them until the migration. On Korean news, their President (a woman) was announcing that they would recover from the recession with hard work and virtuous conduct and calm. But Americans haven't figured out they are riding on a bubble and haven't any liquid to make more with... Ah, it will be ugly.  My only advice is to pay off all debts and be prepared to buy land with all rights.

  My progress in fitness was twenty more miles at the YMCA, took my wife to get her time on the track in. The rains were light, the air is heavy with moisture and cool, hope it makes it over the Cascades to the eastern dry burning and dumps a load or two. I think I will read Caesar's Invasion of Britain by Ellis.

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