Saturday, August 8, 2015

In case you missed it...

   FOXnews had a big meet the Republican Presidential candidates debate on Thursday, which worked very well for FOX and the people answering questions.  And because all the media is now the circus you didn't have to watch to know - who won, the best sound bites, and where the drama will come from in future debates. My opinion of Megan Kelly, Chris Christie, and some Senator from South Carolina is so low they won't recover. I was impressed with the lone lady on stage, Marko Rubio, and the Ohio governor.  Having said that only two of them would I vote for, and Trump has nothing but good taste in women and bad taste in manners and ideas about government. But you don't need me to tell you anything about the American beauty pageant to pick the next President.

   I find the EPA, in order to prevent a terrible pollution, caused a terrible pollution.  Didn't I say something about the government never being as effective as private business? For some strange reason, power projection I expect, the government and all its agencies continue to expand their control and impact upon America. What comes of that is very slow growth, erosion of the value of the dollar (no, I won't call it inflation) and a world and peoples that don't trust the nation nor the way it seems to be going.

   What can we do about it? 'We' can't do anything, you can take care of yourself, your family, your friends, your work, your investments, your property. You will never, ever be as strong and nasty as the State and its minions. But you are smaller and quicker, so keep quiet and move slower than one minute of angle per hundred, they should miss you being there at all.  I am more certain every day that Ron Paul was correct about what needs to be done to restore America - but am also sure there are way too many low information voters and too many dollars from the controllers to make the changes needed for a smooth restoration.  So it will be ugly, and harder and harder, and something new and better may come from the end.  Being a student of History, I expect bad things from more government. 

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